How to Sell Your Old Phone For Extra College Cash

extra college cash

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  • Are you in college and want to make more money?

    We have a solution for you; trade in your old phone through a reliable phone broker and make some extra cash!

    Being in college is challenging, especially if you do not have enough money to use for all your essential and recreational needs.

    Smart college students practice healthy financial habits and make wise decisions with their spending.

    Nowadays, there are many opportunities open the worldwide web that make it easier for people to make money. From freelancer jobs and selling things (both new and old). Your old mobile phone is one of the things that you can sell to make an extra coin.

    If you are ready to let go of your phone for a new one, it is possible to make money in the process. Instead of keeping it as a spare or giving it out (not that its wrong), sell it and make some money to use of whatever you desire.

    We are not only talking about a new phone. You can also sell cracked, outdated or broken phones, thereby exposing them responsibly. If you follow our advice and the steps we give you, you can be able to get a good deal off your budget.

    You receive more cash if:

    1. You sell your phone on a reputable site, with a variety of deals to offer.
    2. Your phone is in excellent condition. In this case, the screen should not be severely scratched, the motherboard and the touch functionality should be working.
    3. If your phone is new, meaning it has only been used for 1 to 2 years after purchase.
    4. A premium device will attract more cash that a budget phone.
    5. If your the brand and model of your phone is popular, you might receive good money for it.

    How to sell your old phone for extra money

    If you are going to sell your old phone, at least ensure that you get the best deal possible. You have to know how much you wish to make and most of all, the maximum amount you can make from selling your old phone.

    Timing is everything

    If your phone model is the latest in its brand, ensure that you sell it before a new one is released. For example, you could sell an old iPhone when you have information that a new iPhone is being released. Ideally, you should try to sell the older device, three weeks before the new one becomes available.

    Use a reputable dealer website

    Selling your phone through a reliable resaler site is the easiest and fastest way to get cash off your phone. All you have to do is request a price quote, ensure that you ship your phone to them within the specified time and wait for payment.

    How to confirm that you are selling your old phone on a reliable resaler

    • You will get the most money for your phone.
      Check to see the number on mobile trade-in companies on the website. The more options of phone trading companies available on a site, the better deal you will get.
    • Search for offers, like the Best Price Guarantee promotion.
      In this case, you are promised to be refunded double the difference if you find another website that offers more money for your phone.
    • Check the quality standards.
      To confirm that you are selling your old phone on the right site, check if there is a minimum quality standard imposed on buyers. You can be sure to make the best money on a site where phone buyers are regulated.
    • Experience and history.
      Check how long the reseller site has been in business. Beyond doubt, an original mobile phone recycling price-comparing site is that has been there from the first is a better choice.
    • How to sell your mobile phone
      1. Go to the search box on the website and browse for your phone.
      2. Compare prices from all the top-trade companies on the site and select one.
      3. Post your mobile phone to them.
      4. Relax and wait for your payment to be sent.

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