Food at the Fair: 5 Things You Need at Your School Event

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  • Fairs are becoming popular nowadays.

    This could be due to a new collective to share with others, or it may be that people are opting to enjoy local events.

    The reasons behind this rise can be debated.

    What is true is that this rise should be taken advantage of, which your school is doing.

    The following are five food items that are always popular at fairs or school event.

    The Churro

    Everyone wants something sweet at the fair but also something they do not normally have. The churro is a traditional sweet made in many parts of the world including Spain, Portugal, and Mexico. It is a fried pastry that can be held in your hands, making it the perfect treat for a fair.

    Novelty Drink

    Fairgoers will get thirsty at some point, and they will need to satisfy this need. Sure, you can be boring and offer a regular pop, or you can be exciting and offer something fresh and natural. Why not sell fresh coconut juice without removing the juice from the fruit. Your patrons are going to need some straws, but they should love this natural and biodegradable drink.


    Popcorn is one of the most popular fair-friendly snacks and should not be missing from the fair. Now, you are going to want to have a popcorn machine from somewhere like New England Pretzel & Popcorn CO. Inc. at hand because popcorn tastes best when it is made fresh, but this should definitely be a best seller. Make sure to consider offering a number of add-ons, such as butter to make the taste of the popcorn really pop.

    Dipping Options

    Everyone wants a dip at a fair. It is an easy food to eat and easy to share. One of the most popular dips is nacho cheese, but there are many other options out there for you. Those who are thinking of spicing things up a bit might want to consider offering fresh hummus or other distinctive dips that your patrons might enjoy.

    Hand-Held Foods

    Hand-held foods are popular at fairs because people are looking around while eating. Be sure you have more than just snacks to make sure your patrons do not get too hungry. A good food option is a hot dog, but you can also consider corn-dogs.

    You can visit fairs nearby to see if others have interesting ideas that you can incorporate into your school event. Still, these ideas should help ensure that you have what your patrons might want.

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