Five Tips to Make Moving into a Dorm Easier

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  • Moving out for the first time can be difficult and scary.

    You have to know what to expect and be prepared to live on your own.

    Both parents and future students should take special note of these tips.

    Moving away from home and into a small room with a stranger can be stressful. Here are five tips that will making the big day a little easier.

    Have Your Paperwork in Order

    Be sure to go over everything involving residence life and the paperwork you’ll need. Take special note of what time to check in, procedures for move-in day and locations. For example, some universities will make you park at the end of a large hill and take a number, and some do not want anything unloaded until you have completely gone through registration, a photo for student ID has been taken, and all forms signed. Double check that you have every single form including ID number and health reports. Having all the paperwork done and in order perfectly will make moving in significantly easier.

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    Only Pack the Essentials

    Unless you’re hiring the moving services of a company like, you need to know if your belongings cannot fit comfortably in the back of an average size car or minivan. If not, then you may need to downsize. Basic furniture will most-likely be supplied by the dormitory. Bring bed sheets, toiletries, towels, essential school supplies, and a very reasonable amount of clothes. Pack small electronics first and pad them well. Leave the least important stuff and things easiest to ship for last, in case they have to be shipped.

    Use Storage Bins and Custom Equipment Cases

    Storage bins and custom cases make packing for the move and unpacking easier. They also protect items better because they make carrying them up flights of steps easier and safer than plastic bags. Certain custom cases can make storage under the bed possible too, which will keep an already small dorm room as spacious as possible. Allcases offer special cases specifically for laptops and other electronics which might be helpful for a student who travels or commutes often.

    Sort and Organize

    Make sure you sort all your things into piles of similar items or items that will go in one room. If you are a parent reading this, remind your teen that being unorganized and slinging weird items together could leave their chips and snacks smelling like soap. Desk supplies go in one container, linens and towels in another, and so on. It makes unpacking and setting up the dorm a breeze too.

    Pack Using Common Sense

    For example, you or your teen will not need a heavy comforter, winter clothes and large coats in August. Those items can be shipped or brought to the dorm at a more appropriate time or they can be picked stuff up over Thanksgiving. Include a small toolkit with basic tools for setting up items on move-in day or doing minor repairs on flimsy dorm furniture down the road.

    These are five solid tips that can apply either to the student or their parents. Unfortunately, there are probably 100 other useful tips, but these pieces of advice are a great foundation to build on. Staying organized, prepared, and having exactly what you need will make moving in and getting through college a simpler experience and establish good habits.

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