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Things to Consider When Choosing a College Dorm

Dorm living is an essential part of the college experience, especially during your first year. It’s essential to find the right dorm for you so that you can have the best year ever. Here’s a guide to the things to consider when choosing a college dorm that will work best for you. Dorm Style, Layout […]

Five Tips to Make Moving into a Dorm Easier

Moving out for the first time can be difficult and scary. You have to know what to expect and be prepared to live on your own. Both parents and future students should take special note of these tips. Moving away from home and into a small room with a stranger can be stressful. Here are […]

College Dorm Room De-cluttering Guide

If you happen to be short on space around the dorm room due to being stressed out with looming exams and not much time to deal with clearance of your place, then you will need to reconsider priorities so you can find a good solution for your needs. With the challenges and potential distractions often […]

College 101: How To Compromise With Difficult Roommates

If you have roommates in college, then you probably know how difficult it can be for several people to get along in a small space. There are a few ways you can deal with difficult roommates who might not see things the way that you and the other people in the dorm see them. Talk […]