College Dorm Room De-cluttering Guide

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  • If you happen to be short on space around the dorm room due to being stressed out with looming exams and not much time to deal with clearance of your place, then you will need to reconsider priorities so you can find a good solution for your needs. With the challenges and potential distractions often seen during student life, you will need to consider how you can make things work in the long run so you won’t make your life miserable. The following guide will point out some ways you can make this work to cut down on the clutter and some clearance work on your own:

    Don’t put off even the smallest of tasks

    You have been doing nightly work to finish up papers and so chances are your desk will be covered in handouts, disposable coffee cups and books among other things most likely. You may feel the need to climb into your bed when you’re done but that would e be counterproductive to your organizing efforts further down the line. All it will take is a few minutes to make things work if you take the time to make it happen.

    Ditching the freebies

    Students will often accumulate a lot of free things during their time in a dorm room, from mugs to flyers and samples and more. While we all love the free things the truth is these can stick around for a long time and may easily get in the way when you’re not careful. Ask yourself whether you really need all of these items unless you can make use of them in some way. Be more selective about the items you plan on using. Be mindful not to keep too many items around if you can help it. This will make future clearance efforts easier.

    Make some team clearance efforts

    Even the most compatible roommates may easily clash over who needs to clear out their items. Make sure you work on things each week both in terms of organizing and clearance as well as cleaning if you want to succeed in keeping your home looking good at all times. Play some music while you’re working on this and you will have a much easier time when the day is done.

    Keep things digital

    The desk can be one of the most difficult areas you can clear out so you would do well to make sure it is not covered in papers all the time. You should do your best to keep the clutter to minimum if you can help it and to instead find a digital form of everything from class notes to forms and letters so everything can be kept as easy to store as possible.

    Planning ahead for the seasons

    If you plan on traveling back home every so often, then you will need to have some good closet space or you will need to bring only the clothes suitable for your next season. This will help save time for whenever you need to do clearance every so often and you won’t feel swamped trying to figure things.

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