Tips for Making an Entertainment Corner in Your Dorm Room

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  • Dorm life has a tendency to become tedious and overwhelmingly monotonous. During college after hours or after a good deal of studying, there is nothing worse than having no other choice but to lie down and mindlessly and uselessly glare upwards in exploration of all the possible shapes your mind can form out of cracks in the ceiling.

    This is why hardly any dorm room can be imagined without an entertainment system that comprises some form of an electronic device, or otherwise. While providing oneself with a TV set, a gaming platform or a cozy reading chair requires an amount of effort, equivalent to shopping for a jacket, creating an entertainment corner could turn out to be a ton of fun, both in terms of planning, as well as enjoying a hard day’s work with a cold one in company of your favorite movie, book, or a video game.

    Reading Corner

    Most of us love reading books and that’s simply a fact. However, no matter how big of a bookworm you are, it can come as somewhat of a difficulty to provide yourself with enough motivation to glue your eyes to a new batch of words, subsequently after just having ebbed away from the tedium of school-related nonsense. If you love your prose of poetry just about enough to potentially sacrifice your eyesight after hours of studying, but cannot motivate yourself to read, a dorm room reading corner might just be a thing for you.

    In order for your reading corner to be more than a mere bed with a shelf above your head to bump your head into after the morning alarm goes off, you’ll need a bit of planning. A proper reading corner entails a low and comfy sofa, with armrests and possibility to convert into a nearly horizontal place of enjoyment. Additionally, lighting has to be more than convenient for your eyes and appropriately placed. Always aim for space on the wall behind your convertible armchair and make sure to place your lamp directly above where your head would be while reading. Once you’ve got yourself some quality lighting, make sure that there is a cupboard within your arm’s reach and voila – you’ve got yourself a killer reading corner.

    Home Theater

    Naturally, a dorm room is almost unimaginable without a TV set, but getting one hardly means you’ve supplied yourself with a proper entertainment corner. Start by making wall measurements. Sure, everyone loves a huge TV, but if you’ve got too tiny a room at your hands, you’ll want to opt out of protruding your neck in all directions in order to keep track of what exactly is going on on the screen.

    Feel free to compare broadband and television bundles online as you have all the information you need available on the Internet. Once you’ve found your perfect television set, it’s time to look for quality audio gear for a full-on experience. No matter the size of your dorm, you should aim for a 5.1 surround system and aim at pinning the speakers onto the walls, so they take up the least space possible.

    Now, buying a TV set gives you an opportunity to supply your inner child with a gaming platform it always wanted. Fortunately, no additional effort is required here, save from choosing from a rather short list of platforms in offer. Furthermore, gaming is yet another entertainment activity that benefits from a quality surround system.

    All that remains now is to supply yourself with quality window blinds, to keep all the sun glare outside.
    We’ve compiled these tips for you in order to keep your free time fun and rid of all the boredom that lonely nights tend to bring upon a student’s soul. All that remains now is to relax and enjoy your free time with your favorite book, movie, or a video game.

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