Oh the Places You Will Go: 5 Things You Can do With an Engineering Degree

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  • Having the opportunity to attend college or university in a less than stellar economic climate is a real privilege. That is why yu want to make sure that you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to choosing a major. Set yourself up for success by choosing a major that will equip you with skills that can be adapted to the rapidly changing job market and make you an in-demand employee.

    One of the best majors when it comes to job placement and profitability is engineering. Engineering is a field of study which provides you with a plethora of specialized skills that employers love. By combining math, science, and technology, engineering majors finish school with critical skills in critical thinking and problem solving. It also provides you with a solid foundation in software navigation and development, spatial relationships, and technology.

    Your first two years in the Engineering majors will provide you with foundational courses that all engineers need. After this, you will usually move on to more specialized courses in the field of engineering which most interests you. Based on your specialization you can pursue a number of exciting, high paying career options. Here are just a few things that you can do when you have a degree in Engineering.

    Computer Engineering

    Computer engineering is one of the most cutting edge and profitable engineering fields today. Computer engineers work to design the architecture of computers. They can build software or physically engineer new computer-based technologies. With this career, you can use your creative sensibilities to build new and exciting technologies that have the ability to change the world.

    Biomedical Engineering

    For those who are interested in medicine, you may consider going into biomedical engineering. This field allows you to design and develop medical equipment supplies. This includes everything from improving upon basic medical tools to designing highly specialized equipment that will be used during surgery. This job requires a high level of both engineering and medical knowledge making it extremely tough, but also incredibly rewarding.

    Mechanical Engineer

    For those who love cars, mechanical engineering is a great career path. As a mechanical engineer, you can work with car manufacturing companies to build cars, which drive better, look nicer, and are more energy efficient. Mechanical engineers also work on building boats and even space technologies.

    Civil Engineering

    If you are interested in designing systems that have a direct impact on the way that people live, communicate, and get around, civil engineering may be the career path for you. Many civil engineers work in urban planning and construction, designing city infrastructures and transport systems. Many civil engineers also go on to work in the tech industry. Graduating from Columbia University in the class of ’94, Azmi Mikati majored in civil engineering and went on to build telecommunications systems for emerging markets.


    One unique field that you can get into with an engineering degree is architecture. This career gives you the opportunity to use science skills, as well as artistic capabilities. As an architect, you may work for a design firm or a real estate firm. You can also go into urban planning or work to preserve older buildings.

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