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RevPart Engineering Employment Outlook

Deciding on a college major or potential career path can be one of the most difficult and important decisions in a person’s life. Many, however, overlook engineering despite its various benefits and opportunities.   Engineering careers span a large number of fields tailored to various interests. Engineering job duties might include design, prototyping, research, development, […]

What Traits Facilitate the Journey From an Engineer to a Manager?

Engineering Management requires an exorbitant amount of experience along with specialized skills to carve a niche in this area. You really do not require any specific degree to flourish in this field. Long years of learning will make your way effortlessly to become one of the successful managers in the field of engineering. You have […]

Understanding What Civil Engineering Is All About

Engineering has many sub divisions. Civil Engineering is one of them. This is the discipline that covers areas like design, maintenance and constructions of roads, canals, bridges, buildings and dams etc. This is one of the oldest engineering degrees after military engineering. Civil engineering is also sub-divided into categories like Architectural Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Geotechnical […]

About Foresenic Structural Engineering

We like to assume that the buildings we occupy are safe, but structural failure does happen, sometimes deliberately. The field of forensic structural engineering investigates and determines the causes of such failures to help learn why these structures collapsed. These professionals were sent to New York to study one deliberate failure, the Word Trade Towers, […]

Dreaming Big: Larger Than Life Careers

A career is something that you need to choose carefully because it will determine a lot of important things in your life — how much you earn, the sense of professional fulfillment you experience, the type of people you meet and of course, the happiness you get. Many young people are fascinated by the workings […]