What Traits Facilitate the Journey From an Engineer to a Manager?

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  • Engineering Management requires an exorbitant amount of experience along with specialized skills to carve a niche in this area. You really do not require any specific degree to flourish in this field. Long years of learning will make your way effortlessly to become one of the successful managers in the field of engineering. You have to stay put and align all your efforts towards the goal. Becoming a successful engineering manager is not a difficult job if you do in the planned and organized manner.

    Most of the engineers aspiring for the engineer manager’s jobs find it hard to figure out the right way. Since the inception of the career, an engineer is busy acquiring the technical skills and makes his engineering career bright. Then as he progresses in his career, a period of latency comes when he needs to be given some greater responsibility that will help him move up the ladder. It is his skill sets that decide whether he is ready for the next level.

    Therefore, given below are the five skills that will decide the course of action for the professionals in this field:

    1. You should be confident while you lead:
      As is the rule of nature– you will be treated as you treat yourself, hence your personality should ooze out confidence and you need to have the faith on your ability. If you lack confidence then your employees will be able to sense it and they will also lose their faith on you. You will be facing a lot of challenges with such workforce who does not trust you. Hence, while you are exhibiting your leadership skills, be sturdy and take the initiative encouraging others to lead as well.
    2. Continue learning, develop your non-technical skills and infuse training and development within your employees:
      Knowledge is vast and learning never ends. Even if you have satiated yourself with the entire technical information available still there will be something extra doing that will be around to feed your brains. Do not let any vital information escape as you never know when you will require them in your career journey.

      Along with your own development, it is equally important that your employees also have the proficiency to handle matters of concern. It is necessary to make your employees self-sufficient. Thus, arrange career development and training workshops for them as often as possible. Raise funds and provide the financial support that will help them to grow. This wave of development will soon affect the team and the whole organization at large.

    3. Be dynamic while communicating:
      Nurture your interpersonal skills. Communicate with all employees of all departments. Build strong professional bonds within the organizations. Thriving engineering managers make plenty of presentations in front of teams, departments, clients and business unit heads. You should understand that it is this potential of yours presenting well in front of the people that is directly proportional to your career success.
    4. Delegate your work and empower the team:
      When you are working your way up the management personnel in your organization, you should efficient and accustomed with the art of delegation. This is one of the core skills of managers.

      Delegation not only bestows responsibilities on your employees but also makes them well-equipped to find solutions for the issues cropping up or help them brainstorm ideas. In this way, you can understand their potential, extract their talents and make them independent and efficient thinkers. This will also keep them engaged and focused in their work making them feel and integral part of the organization.

    5. Celebrate the success of your team’s effort, admit when you are wrong:
      This is one of the most crucial and critical things while you are in a position of an engineering manager. Things often go wrong in your domain. With laborious projects coming your way, there can be umpteen numbers of issues cropping up and on top of that mistakes are bound to happen as you are working with the human capital.

      For instance, if you are managing an IT project that involves coding, there can be times when the intricately written code did not give the desired result due to some minor error, or there can be some miscalculation, system errors, technical glitches you might face often. It is the collective effort of your team that will pull the entire projects through such minor or major interruptions.

      Giving recognition to their hard work is necessary to keep them motivated. Again, if you have made any mistake yourself, you should be brave enough to admit it instead of blaming it on others. This way there will be a mutual trust among you and your team.

    You need to use your experience to analyze a situation and implement the above-suggested skills in the right moment to have a prosperous career in this position. Shed off your apprehensions and boost your spirit to be a successful manager of this technical field.

    Author’s Bio: Agniva Banerjee is a writer by profession. She likes curating informative articles and blogs on diverse areas that provides a good read. She loves engaging the readers through her words and welcomes feedback of all sorts.

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