10 Signs You Are Enjoying Your Work

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  • One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is whether or not you’re truly happy with your job. We sometimes go through stressful periods with our work, but does that mean we no longer like our jobs? Not necessarily. If you’re contemplating whether or not you’re cut out for whatever it is you’re doing, there are some things you can quiz yourself on to help you get a better idea of where you stand.

    1. You’re Running on Autopilot

    Have you ever looked at the clock and been astonished at the amount of time that’s passed? That’s because you’re in your zone. If you can perform your regular tasks without having to deeply concentrate on their intricacies, you’re probably happy with your job. If you were frustrated with your workload, time would seem to move slower.

    2. You Get Tired, Not Exhausted

    Exhaustion is generally the result of giving in to your stressors. You’ve worked too hard, your mind isn’t working so well, and you’re ready to sleep for a few days. If you enjoy your job, you won’t be exhausted, you’ll simply be tired. You’ll feel like you’ve accomplished a lot, and like you deserve to put your feet up for a while. You won’t feel like you want to lock yourself in a dark room.

    3. You’re Fine When You’re Busy

    You’ve just completed a huge task, only to find out that you’ve done it the wrong way. You need to make tons of revisions. How do you feel? If you’re eager to get back in the game and fix what needs fixing, that’s a sign that you really like the work. If you want to throw things and run away, your job is giving you too much of a headache.

    4. Your Life and Your Work Are Balanced

    When you pick up a new skillset or routine, such as a new job, you’ll find that as you improve your ability to accomplish your required tasks that your days become easier. If you’re in over your head, your work will spill into your life in an intrusive way. You’ll watch your laundry pile up, and you’ll have to turn down that invitation to your best friend’s birthday party. In an ideal situation, you’ll be able to allow work situations mingle during your off-time without consuming you. A good work-life balance is what everyone should strive for.

    5. Money Isn’t Your Only Motivator

    If you ever find yourself using the phrase “at least it pays the bills”, you may need to examine your situation. The satisfaction you get from your job should extent past the monetary gain. You should feel proud of what you accomplish and drive home in a good mood. Your career successes should lift your spirits.

    6. You Sleep Like a Baby On Sunday Night

    Your stomach shouldn’t be in knots because the weekend is over. If you’re tossing and turning all night because you don’t want to go back there, you need to determine why. Your weekend should be refreshing, helping you clear your mind and do things you enjoy. Most importantly, your weekend should help you enter the next work week with new motivation.

    7. You’re Eager to Share Your Work Experiences

    If you like to answer the question “so how was work?” that’s a great sign. Having an answer shows you’re engaged with your career to the extent that it’s an important part of your everyday life. Your response to that question should never be something akin to “pour me a drink first.”

    8. The View is Always Clear

    The details shouldn’t be frustrating you to the extent where you lose all sight of the big picture. When you’re working on a menial task or ironing out the small stuff, you should have a clear understanding of what your end goal is and how you intend on getting there. You should feel excited for that end goal, and treat everything that leads to it as valuable progress.

    9. You Have a Healthy Relationship with Your Coworkers

    If you’re happy about what you’re doing, you’ll view your coworkers as necessary members of a successful team. You’ll have a fundamental understanding of how everyone can best work together to complete a task, and be able to rely on them to hold up their end of the deal. If you feel tempted to abandon them and work alone, that means there’s trouble in paradise.

    10. Frustration Becomes Rewarding

    The only reason you should find yourself regularly frustrated at work would be that you’re a perfectionist interested in going up to the next level. This frustration is the motivation ultimately responsible for aiding your professional growth. It comes from high expectations and your willingness to produce quality work you can be proud of.

    How did you first realize that you loved your job? What do you tell yourself when you’re going through a particularly difficult time at work? Leave a comment down below and discuss your secrets to satisfaction with others.

    Author’s Bio: Torri Myler is part of the team at http://www.bankopening.co.uk/ – UK bank branches opening and closing times information platform. She combines her experience in leadership with her passion for writing.

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