Should Students Work During College

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  • I dedicated some of my time (while in college) on several jobs that helped me raise money to cater for some of my college costs. To cut the long story short, I worked on internships, and part-time jobs. In fact, my friends always joked about my lack of time to sleep and time to work on my assignment papers. Despite working and studying simultaneously, I managed to graduate with an honors degree. However, I sometimes wonder whether I would have scored better grades if I were studying exclusively.

    Advantages of Working as a College Student

    Less College Debt
    Students who work have several advantages over students who spend all their time studying. For instance, I was particularly impressed after graduating with zero college debt because I was working and staying at home. On the contrary, my boyfriend is paying a six-figure college debt.

    Learn Money Management and Responsibility
    I also believe the opportunity to work as a college student taught me how to be responsible and manage my finances. Even though I received some monthly allowance from my parents, working while in school made me appreciate the true value of every dollar I earned. For example, I understood the cost of luxuries after working for twenty hours just to buy a new pair of $200 jeans. As a result, I am now more money conscious than before.

    Work Ethics
    Working as a college student also developed my work ethics because I was busy most of the time. In fact, my teacher once told me that college life would be the busiest part of my life and that I would find having a single job relaxing. I was always busy working on projects and any tasks that were handed to me. Consequently, my busy college life taught me the value of perseverance by pushing through and completing tasks.

    Work Experience
    Additionally, I left college with a lot of work experience because of my effort. It is because I completed five internships that were linked to my educational specialty. I began working as an unpaid intern before landing on paid internships. Needless to mention; the last internship in school got me my current job at BargainBabe.Com.

    Disadvantages of Working as a College Student

    Less Study Time
    Working as a college student also comes with disadvantages because such students have less study time. However, my personal goal was to meet my deadlines, which implies I focused less on perfecting my work. Consequently, I had less time to attend group discussions because I was working most of the time.

    Less Focus
    Additionally, working students tend to be less focused because working the whole day makes it difficult for students to stay awake. In fact, I at times dozed off during classes because I had stayed up late revising or finishing my homework. Simply, working students do not get the full value for their lectures.

    Missing Social Events
    Students who intend to work and study should be ready to miss social events. College is not just about learning because students take some time to visit friends and have fun. I believe it is why most people wish they were back in college. Specifically, everyone misses visiting friends and having fun, but no one misses the long hours of study.

    Lower GPAs
    Lower GPAs is another characteristic of working students because work consumes a ton of their study time. Further, working students always rush through an assignment, which implies they never give their best on assignments. Therefore, it is advisable for working students to take lighter course loads.

    Difficult to Find Jobs
    Ultimately, working and studying could make it harder for graduates to find jobs. However, this point is debatable because working students may have lower GPAs and class standings, but they may have work experience.

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