Dorm Room Essentials: The Little Necessities for Simplifying College Life

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  • Part of preparing for life as a college student involves getting packed and ready to move away from the family home and into your campus accommodation.

    Many people think of all the usual essential items that they think they will need such as making sure they have a good desk to work from, a laptop or computer and some kitchen items, but it is all too easy to forget some of the necessities that will actually college life easier and perhaps more comfortable.

    Compiling a list

    One of the best ways of making sure you pack everything you need is to compile a comprehensive list of items, so you can check them off as you go along. Before you start making that list, it makes sense to check with the college what items are allowed and what are not.

    Most educational establishments have stringent health and safety regulations and therefore they may well have some rules that could mean that you are unable to take a microwave for example, or they might have size restrictions on things like fridges.

    It can also sometimes help to try and talk to a current student if you get the chance, as they can tell you from experience what is not worth bringing as well as advising what they wouldn’t want to be without on campus.

    Storage and security

    You will need printing supplies to take with you and you can read more about what print cartridges and other essentials you might need to take with you and how to get further supplies quickly and cost-effectively. Although it is nice to believe that your laptop and other valuables should be safe on campus, it would be better to accept that thefts do unfortunately happen and arrange to protect them.

    You might want to consider putting a portable laptop safe on your list, which works by being secured to immovable furniture and for a small investment, you can hopefully eliminate the stress associated with finding that your laptop and maybe your work has disappeared. Find out what furniture comes with your dorm room, so you can plan to bring some extra storage solutions with you.

    A bedside storage caddy will be very useful for keeping items like your smartphone and things like glasses near to hand and packing a simple towel rack will always come in handy for keeping the room tidy and organised, which does make it easier to study when you are not stressing where you have put things.

    Bedding and towels

    Not all beds supplied are regulation length so it is always worth checking so that you can pack the right sheets and bedding that will fit. Also make sure you enough towels of varying sizes and even an extra pillow if you want a bit more comfort when resting on the bed or when you go to sleep. A laundry basket will also keep things tidy and may well be a good prompt that some laundry duties might be required when it is full.

    It often takes a bit of time to acclimatise to college or university life so packing everything that you need to help the process will turn out to be a smart move.

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