College 101: How To Compromise With Difficult Roommates

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  • If you have roommates in college, then you probably know how difficult it can be for several people to get along in a small space. There are a few ways you can deal with difficult roommates who might not see things the way that you and the other people in the dorm see them.

    Talk To Them

    The first thing that you should do is talk to the roommate. See if there’s anything that is bothering them, like a bad grade or family issues, and offer to talk to them about what’s wrong. Many times, anger and resentment build up for unnecessary reasons, so talking about the core problems can eliminate communication issues.

    Change Your Flaws

    Look at the things that you do that might be annoying to others. This includes leaving clothes and towels on the floor or leaving a light on when others are trying to study. Once you see that there are things you can change, you might be able to communicate better with others.

    Time Alone

    Make sure each person has time scheduled that they can be alone. It can get crowded in a dorm. Some people might not be used to having to share such a confined space with others. If someone gets on your nerves, then do as much as you can to avoid that person. This can help until you find another solution.

    Talk To The Dorm Advisor

    If you can’t seem to get anything across, then consider talking to the dorm advisor. This person can sit down with everyone and figure out a plan so that you can share the space. The advisor could also have some suggestions as to changing rooms with someone you know or someone who is better suited for your personality.


    If you think that you can get along better in a bigger place, then consider looking at houses in the area. Each person could have a bedroom so that the space isn’t shared, and there would be a living area and kitchen for preparing meals.

    Get Your Own Place

    After moving to a larger room or home and still not being able to communicate or get along, then you might want to consider getting your own place. Try to find an apartment or something that is affordable so that you can still go to school and work. You can find many affordable apartments online that fit your needs.

    Communicating with someone you can’t get along with is the key to getting through your college years. If you don’t think you can talk to your roommate, then talk to someone in authority or change locations before the situation gets awkward.

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