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The Best Things About College Dorm Life

Dorm life is one of those things that help you grow and enjoy your experience in college. Not only does it give you a sense of independence but also helps to improve your social skills. If you are planning on living in a student residence near York University for your first year, below are a […]

College 101: How To Compromise With Difficult Roommates

If you have roommates in college, then you probably know how difficult it can be for several people to get along in a small space. There are a few ways you can deal with difficult roommates who might not see things the way that you and the other people in the dorm see them. Talk […]

5 Tips to Keep Your Dorm Safe

College is full of wonderful opportunities. It is also full of danger. If you are heading to college or have a loved one who is doing so, you might worry about safety. While there are many things that you cannot predict, you can do quite a bit to ensure the safety of one area – […]