The Best Things About College Dorm Life

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  • Dorm life is one of those things that help you grow and enjoy your experience in college. Not only does it give you a sense of independence but also helps to improve your social skills.

    If you are planning on living in a student residence near York University for your first year, below are a few things you should expect.

    Freedom To Do As You Please

    College life is different. Your parents aren’t around to show you what to do. You’ll need discipline in order to balance your studies with the co-curricular activities. You can engage in any activity that you please so long as it is legal. Don’t be surprised to find people doing all sorts of stuff in the dorms. That’s what dorm life is all about.

    Not Everyone Will Like You

    Here’s the thing about living in students residence, you can never tell whether the people you’ll be sharing the dorm with are going to like you. In most cases, you won’t be given a room on your own especially for the first year. Remember that proper communication is important if you want to build relationships. Make it a point to know your roommate. You may be shocked at how much you have in common.

    Know Your Boundaries

    It’s important to set boundaries and tell your roommate or any other person you’ll be living with. Setting boundaries will help to create a very stress-free living environment for everyone. So long as there is a mutual respect and the person understands your set of rules, everything will work out well for you.

    Save More Money

    Dorm life is one of the adequate housing for YorkU students. Some people choose to rent apartments, which can be costly. Dorming is not only ideal if you are tight on cash but also helps you to be close to campus. You will also never have to worry about paying bills or travelling to campus should you consider dorm life.

    Take Part In Dorm Events

    Socialize with people that you live with. Join the rest of your dorm mates for a movie night or indoor parties. Just make sure you know your limits. Have as much fun and socialize with everyone so that you can enjoy your experience living in a dormitory.

    Form Life-Long Bonds

    Your roommate may end up becoming your best friend for life. So don’t be too judgmental or snobbish. Get to know the people around you by taking part in social activities, visiting their rooms and inviting them for simple things like breakfast. Be friendly to those people who are interested in meeting new people.

    Enjoy A Complete University Experience

    Living on residence allows you to interact with people, take part in activities and grow. It’s one of the best gifts anyone can give themselves after leaving for college. You learn to be independent, manage your time better and focus on school. Dorm life is not just cost effective but it’s also more convenient especially to first year students.

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