How to Fund a Doctorate Once Federal Aid Runs Out

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  • Earning a doctorate generally means you can look forward to above-average earnings in the future.

    Of course, that doesn’t do you any good at the moment.

    In fact, if you’re like most students, you’re worried about how you’ll pay for your doctorate.

    4 Simple Ways to Fund Your Doctorate

    Fortunately, there are four simple ways you can secure the money you need to continue your education.

    • 1. Apply for Grants

      Of course, one very common option among doctoral students is to apply for grants. This type of funding is ideal because, among other things, there’s no requirement that you pay it back.

      This money generally comes from the school itself. If you were already awarded one, it would be outlined in your financial aid award letter. If you don’t already have one – or if you need more – you can still apply for grants for doctoral students. It’s just that you’ll need to wait for the application window and won’t get the money right away, as you will with a private student loan.

    • 2. Look for Jobs as a Tutor on Campus

      As a doctoral student, it goes without saying that you have a firm grasp on the subject you’re studying. Obviously, this would make you a great tutor for the school’s undergrads, many of whom are probably hoping to follow in your footsteps.

      If your school hasn’t approached you about this kind of opportunity, be proactive by asking the administration about working as a tutor. The job would mean you’d be able to fund your doctorate in a way that leverages the knowledge you already have.

    • 3. Take Out a Private Loan

      Far too many students don’t know that the government isn’t the only one that can issue loans. You can also apply for private student loans if your federal funding has run out.

      In fact, many students don’t qualify for federal loans or are not offered enough to cover their education to begin with. If not for private lenders, college – much less a doctorate – would be impossible to afford.

    • 4. Offer Your Skills Elsewhere

      Your university may not have any openings for tutors, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of students who would hire you for your help. Take out an ad in the student newspaper or find the bulletin board in the buildings dedicated to the subject in which you’re receiving your doctorate.

      Sites like and Wyzant also make it easy to tutor students from all over the world, so you’re not limited to the population on your campus. The best part about going into business for yourself this way is that you are in complete control about how much you charge for your very valuable services.

    Be Sure to Consider All of Your Options

    If all you need is a private loan to fund your doctorate, great, but don’t stop there. Make sure you consider all of your options – including tutoring others – so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your education is paid for no matter what.

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