5 Gerontology Related Occupations That Need Graduates Now

gerontology related occupations

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  • With more than 10,000 Americans reaching retirement age every day of the week, it is understandable that gerontology related occupations are in great demand for graduates from frontrunners in the field from schools like the program offered at USC online.

    Not only is the University of Southern California the top-ranked graduate program in gerontology, but it is a multi-disciplinary approach that prepares graduates to specialize in elder care within almost any occupation.

    Here are just five gerontology-related occupations you can learn about when getting an advanced degree here.

    1. Nursing Home Administrator

    As greater numbers of seniors are getting to an age where they can no longer care for themselves, many are entering nursing homes where there is around-the-clock medical and support staff to care for their needs. With a graduate degree in gerontology, you can become a nursing home administrator because of your highly specialized background in geriatrics.

    2. Hospice Administrator/CEO

    One of the unfortunate aspects of growing older is that we approach the ‘end of life’ cycle and many patients choose to die with dignity. Hospice care, although serving the needs of literally every age group, sees a huge percentage of elderly patients who want and need hospice care during this emotionally charged time in their life and the lives of their families and loved ones. As a hospice CEO with a specialty in gerontology, you can make a difference in the quality and level of care they receive.

    3. Senior Care Case Management Supervisor

    There are many social service programs available to seniors and with a master’s in gerontology, you can become a supervisor for a senior care case management team. These typically consist of those working with seniors in everything from home healthcare to therapy to living arrangements. It will be your duty to oversee case managers who develop and oversee individual care plans for seniors.

    4. Director of Assisted or Affordable Living Centers

    Some seniors are able to do some of the regular tasks daily and aren’t really in need of a nursing home. These seniors choose to enter assisted living or affordable living quarters designed specifically for elderly residents who can still cook light meals, care for their daily grooming needs, and simply need someone to check in on them throughout the day to see how they are getting on. As the director of a senior assisted living facility, you can help seniors live a better quality of an independent lifestyle.

    5. Senior Care Therapists

    Not only do seniors often need to work out emotional and psychological issues but so, too, do their caregivers. Senior care therapists specialize in the needs of geriatric patients and are better equipped to deal with the specific needs that the aging and their caregivers face. If you have a background in counseling or psychology, this is an amazing field to specialize in.

    Serving the needs of our elderly in any capacity within any occupation is a noble endeavor and one that will be rewarding as well as lucrative going forward.

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