Got Writer’s Block? Here are Tips to Help You Finish Your Essay

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  • Writing is not easy. It’s a task that needs the mental presence and inspiration.

    When you lack one of them, then you’ll most probably find it difficult to find the words to express what you want to say.

    Worse, you might not even know what you want to say.

    This is usually called writer’s block, and it’s perfectly normal to experience it.

    But what if you need to submit an essay tomorrow and you still don’t know how to begin your article? You can’t exactly tell your teacher you’re having a writer’s block and expect her to excuse you and give you an extended deadline. It does not work that way.

    Instead of cursing your situation, you can prepare your laptop because you can still finish that essay on time. After all, there are multiple ways that you can overcome writer’s block. Here are some of those:

    1. Give your mind a break.

    One reason why words don’t come to you might be because you lack sleep or you’ve been writing for days. Like the other parts of the body, the mind also needs a break. If you need to, take a nap. When you wake up, and the writer’s block is still there, try out other creative activities like drawing, stitching, making a collage, doing DIY home project, or just about anything that could practice your creativity without exhausting your mind. Eventually, you’ll be able to go back to writing with ease.

    2. Start with a working title in mind.

    While it’s not advisable to create your final title before you’ve finished your essay, it’s essential that you have a working one before you start writing. A working title must express the main idea you want to express in your piece. It will serve as your guide in outlining your ideas. After you’re done writing, you can revise it for your final title.

    3. Eliminate all distractions.

    Unplug the internet, turn off your phone, and go someplace where you would not be disturbed. Also, you might want to clear your desk. An uneasy mind won’t be able to assess you in writing. You need to stay focused on the task at hand and think about what ideas you have and which of them you want to feature in your essay.

    4. Listen to classical music.

    Music, specifically classical pieces, can stimulate the mind and give inspiration. While no study has been made to clearly show how classical music affects writing, it stimulates the brain without creating a distraction. The reason behind this is the absence of lyrics.

    5. Write at the right time.

    Your body clock will tell you when your mind functions the best. Usually, it’s when you first wake up. At which time, your brain will still be in Theta mode, and you will work exactly the same as to when you are dreaming.


    You can try out all these tips to overcome your writer’s block. If none of them works, then you can always consider approaching custom writings for help. 

    Remember one thing– don’t stress out over not being able to get the exact words to express your thoughts. It’ll not help you. Instead, try to rest and follow good writing habits.

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