How To Handle a Breakup in College

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  • There’s never a good time to break up with your significant other, especially if it’s in the middle of finals or at the start of the semester.

    If you find yourself in the middle of the worst breakup in your college life – know that you are not alone.

    Let’s get real – no breakup is ever easy, but here are a few tips to help you stay grounded, work harder and move on faster following a break up in College.

    Stay Busy

    You may find it easy to give up on studying or stop doing your homework following a breakup. Loss of motivation, lack of sleep and loneliness can all be contributing factors to why you don’t feel eager to jump back into the books.

    According to family legal expert, Stephen Vertucci, “whenever a client is going through a bad breakup, the first thing I do is recommend that they focus on creating a better mind-body connection. Getting more sleep and hitting the gym can make all the difference in how you process negative thoughts and memories.”

    Having a good balance can mean frequenting the gym, spending time alone and making time for friends. Once you restore these balances in your life, you should be back to hitting the books in no time.


    Time to revamp your dorm, bedroom or personal space. Conquering clutter can be extra difficult when you’re tackling a small space. Investing in storage containers can be very helpful and organization is key.

    When removing junk from your life, it’s important that any item you want to keep has a designated spot. Wall-hung organizers and shelves can also be beneficial when dealing with a small space.


    Relationships and breakups have evolved greatly since the rise of smartphones. They can be a crucial part of how you move forward post-breakup. Lindy Lewis, founder of Bank from Breakup, has a four-step process for uncoupling with a partner:

    • Step 1:
      Purge all pictures and archive all conversations with your ex
    • Step 2:
      Delete your ex’s number
    • Step 3:
      Remove any and all reminders of your ex
    • Step 4:
      Clean up your social media channels – this means removing any photos of you and your ex together or unfollow anyone that may remind you of them
    other valuable tips:

    While some of these steps may seem a bit extreme, it’s important to consider your individual circumstances. There is no step-by-step remedy that will be best suited for your particular breakup because every situation is different. It’s important to always consider your situation and adjust the process as necessary.

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