How To Have A Successful And Fun College Life

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  • Starting college is a scary thing to imagine.

    Suddenly jumping into a new world filled with hundreds (or thousands depending on the college) of people you don’t know, to study for the career that determines your whole future.

    Not to mention the costs and expenses.

    Balancing work and play is hard in college, but before you even get to that you have to pick what you would want to major in.

    Picking A Major

    Deciding on a major in college should revolve around 2 simple things.

    1. What you’re passionate about – careers, hobbies, etc.
    2. Your goals in life – how much you want to make, where you see yourself in the future, etc.

    To be able to enjoy your college life, you have to be learning about something you love, or at least learning about something that pushes you to work. If you have no drive and no ambition, everyday will seem like a chore you have to do. Soon you won’t even want to do your work.

    When picking a major be sure that it would be something you know you would enjoy. Or your college life could suffer from it. Also, as a side note, don’t try to pick too many majors at once. You could cover yourself up to your neck in work and continuously fall behind and end up failing anyway.

    Balancing Work With Play

    College should be an experience; it should be a place where you make amazing memories, meet new people and really have fun. Some tend to take advantage of that thought though. They end up not finishing work, turning projects in late, staying out all night every night. When you go to college you are officially in charge of yourself, that includes managing your time to get what you have to get done.

    Managing Your Time

    Write what you have to do that day (school work, etc.) and what times you can and can’t do it. Hanging out with your friends is obviously something good, but too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Make sure you’re not spending all your extra time with them; this will leave you no time to do your work.

    To be successful in college, you must work hard. You have to continuously keep up your game. To keep yourself motivated, set goals for yourself and set goals for your future.

    However you can’t let that completely control you college life; you have to have fun every now and then too. Enjoy the life that they offer there. Go out with friends. Try new things. Do things you have always loved to do. Don’t miss out on the opportunities that they have at college. Don’t miss out on the clubs they have, go to the sports games, but don’t let yourself fall behind. Educate yourself, learn self control and push yourself to be greater.

    If you know anyone who’s going to college, or is in college and struggling, share this article with them to help them out with their everyday life. They will be thankful for these simple tips on how to have a fun college life while not failing the courses they worked hard to pay for.

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