How to Help Your Child Pass Their Exams and Get to College

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  • We all want the best for our children, and we all know the importance that education will play in their later lives.

    Gaining entry to the best possible college for them will leave them inspired, with great qualifications and ready to take on the world, but getting into their ideal college means that they’ll have to do well in their SAT or ACT exams.

    Exam performance doesn’t come naturally to all of us, so it’s essential that the parent does all they can to help their child get the best possible exam results without placing too much pressure on them – here are seven ways you can help.

    1. Ask Questions, and Listen to the Answers

    The single main thing you can do to help your child as exam time approaches is to take an interest in how they’re doing. It might seem obvious that you do this, but does your child, with exams, facts and figures on their mind, realize it? That’s why, when they come home from school, you should always ask how their day has been, and if they have any concerns about school or their exams.

    It’s important to ask these questions, but it’s just as important to listen to the answers. Hearing their concerns allows you to address them, and often simply knowing that their parent is listening and is on their side can be a huge boost to their confidence and wellbeing.

    2. Set a Great Example

    It’s great when you can help out with your child’s studying and talk from experience about sitting exams and going to college, but what do you do if you don’t have successful experiences of those things to fall back on?

    It’s never too late to learn, so you can set a great example to your child or children by signing up for evening classes yourself and studying at the same time as them. This will not only show them what a great parent they have, it will show the importance of dedication and hard work, and of course it could also bring you some new qualifications that can help in your own career.

    3. Hire Expert Tutors

    Class sizes are large in most schools, and that can mean that your child doesn’t get the personal attention they need there, especially if there’s one particular subject they struggle in. That’s why more and more parents are hiring expert tutors who can provide one on one tuition to their child when they need it most.

    Perhaps the most effective tutors of all are graduate students, such as those supplied by TutorYard, Inc. As they’re not dramatically older than the children they tutor, the pupil will feel empowered by the successes that they’ve enjoyed in their field, and the tutor can become a mentor and inspiration. TutorYard tutors are the academic leaders of tomorrow, and can supply expert tuition at a time to suit your child. It can cost less than you imagine, and can be a highly effective way to boost exam performance.

    4. Make a Schedule

    There are more distractions for today’s teenagers than ever before, from the latest video games, to on demand television shows and the unstoppable allure of YouTube. With all those interests, as well as meeting friends and any sports they might participate in, they might find it hard to set aside time to study, but this is where the parent has to take charge.

    Parents have to be experts at multi-tasking and organization, which is why they’re much better at creating effective schedules than their children. Write down a schedule and display it within your home, so that both you and your child know when they should be studying. Of course, you’ll also have to enforce the schedule too, but once your child is into a regular routine, that will become easier to do.

    5. Combat Exam Stress

    As we’ve just noted, it’s important for a parent to ensure that their child studies on a regular basis, but it’s also essential to remember that studying for and taking exams can be highly stressful, so they need to take steps to alleviate that stress. All work and no play is far from ideal for everyone, whatever their age, but teenage years should be happy ones filled with fun moments, not simply hours of study. You can combat this stress by setting aside study free periods throughout the week, where your child can simply do the things they love to do, even if that’s simply lying in bed listening to their favorite music.

    6. Incentivize Performance

    It’s often said that a combination of carrot and stick is important to bring the best results in study and work. Your child understands the consequences of doing well or not doing well, and this is the ‘stick’ in itself, so as a parent, you should supply the carrot. This means praising your child when they study well or do well in an assignment or test, and also providing them treats that reward them for exceptional efforts. The nature of this treat is down to what your child enjoys and your budget, of course, but it could be cinema tickets for them and a friend, or a trip to their favorite restaurant, or even concert tickets.

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    7. Show How Much You Love Them

    Perhaps the most important way of all that you can help your child as they prepare for the exams that can take them to college is also the simplest – show how much you love them. Never be afraid to give your child a hug; they may be in that awkward teenage phase we all know so well where they act as if they’d rather be left alone most of the time, but deep down we all really love a hug from the ones who matter most to us in the world.

    Kind words and hugs can be a great way to combat pre-exam nerves, as can hiring tutors to provide bespoke lessons that tackle any areas of particular concern. With these key solutions in place, along with a powerful schedule and a system of incentives, your child can boost their exam performance, and that also boosts their chances of getting into a college that can lead to a successful career.

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