Why Is the SAT Important?

SAT college entrance exam

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  • Standardized testing has been around for decades, and the SAT is probably the most well-known college entrance exam out there.

    While other tests like the ACT are equally important, it seems that a bulk of the weight of getting accepted into college gets put on the score obtained on the SAT.

    While you understand it is an essential piece of the college acceptance puzzle, do you know why? Take a look at how the SAT became the top-dog in secondary education and why it still means so much today.

    It Helps Narrow the Field of Applicants

    College applications have reached all-time highs in the past decade. More and more students are taking the four-year college path than ever before. Enrollment in trade schools has dropped as tech and professional jobs, such as nursing, are becoming more popular with students.

    A college might receive 50,000 applications for 12,000 spots. Bobby-Tariq Tutoring Center offers test-taking strategies to give you an edge on upping test scores to be more competitive. The scores on standardized tests, like the SAT or its counterpart, the ACT, quickly eliminate some students from contention.

    It Qualifies Some Students for Scholarship Money

    The price of college is climbing even as enrollment increases. Student loans are one way to pay for school, but many students prefer not to have that high debt hanging over their heads. Test scores on the SAT and ACT can help qualify people for scholarships to offset the price of tuition.

    It Does Not Include Science

    If your daughter has always struggled with science, the SAT is the test for her. While the ACT has a science section and is great for those students who grasp those concepts, the SAT does not. Your daughter doesn’t have to fight through that portion of a test which could cause her scores to drop.

    It Does Favor Algebra More Than Geometry

    Advanced math concepts, such as Trigonometry make strong showings on the ACT. The SAT, however, features more of an emphasis on algebraic equations and computations. Again, this makes the SAT the better option versus the ACT for those who struggle in grasping those higher-computative math concepts.

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    The SAT gives students an opportunity to shine against their equal counterparts. The relevance of the test comes down to getting into colleges perhaps with some scholarship money to boot. If you want to give your student their best shot at competing for admission to any college, and that student is better in the liberal arts versus the sciences, the SAT holds the definite advantage.

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