9 Best Study & Educational Apps for College Students

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  • With the wide array of educational innovations nowadays, it has become so much easier for students to study anytime, anywhere.

    With online lessons now possible, there are also other educational apps available for you to use on your phone or tablet.

    So if you want to keep up with your lessons in a fun and easy way, here are some apps that you can use for studying.

    Quizlet Go

    Brought about by the creators of Quizlet Live and Quizlet Learn, Quizlet Go is a much more innovative and mobile way for students to study their lessons. Aside from their study tools, this free app also has an array of games that makes learning more fun and interactive. Plus, you can easily sync your study data so that you can move from one app to another, be it an iPhone, Android phone or tablet.

    My Study Life

    This cross-platform planner makes it so much easier for students to keep track of their class schedules, exams, quizzes and project deadlines. This app allows students to create a daily and weekly timetable of school activities and classes. It also provides its users an efficient way of keeping track of their school tasks, as well as setup reminders upcoming exams and assignment deadlines. Plus, you can seamlessly sync your data across all your devices.


    Need help in writing your school papers? Then EasyBib might come in handy for you. This citation and bibliography generator makes paper writing so much easier, helping both educators and students when it comes to conducting research.

    It is accurate, fast and effective. And you can integrate this as an add-on to your Chrome browser, making it easier to work on your using your phone, tablet or computer.

    MyScript Smart Note

    This note-writing app makes it easier for students to write their notes, instead of typing them. You can use either your stylus pen or finger to write notes and the app will automatically recognize and turn your scribbles to interactive texts.

    This app is very easy to use and is quite accurate in recognizing handwriting. This app is ideal for writing down short notes.

    Exam Vocabulary Builder

    Feel like you need to improve your vocabulary in preparation for university entrance or graduate school exams? Then this app will be a great app to download on your phone or tablet. This free app uses a flashcard-like approach to studying as you learn new words that are commonly used in exams. It also allows you to sync your progress and study sets. You can also choose to use it in studying online and offline.

    MyScript Calculator

    Need help in calculating written equations and formulas? MyScript Calculator is the right tool for the job. This app allows you to write calculations using your finger or a stylus pen. It also allows you to edit what you have written and solve the equations you have written. It provides the option of displaying the answer in decimal, fraction, degree, radian, or mixed numbers. You can also save your previous calculations and access them using the history option. Plus, you can export the calculation as an image or copy the numbers on your equation to another app on your gadget.

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    iTunes University

    This innovative educational app allows teachers to provide their students a more interactive way of learning. Students can use the app to hand-in homework, check grades and join in private discussions hosted by their teacher. With a wide variety of learning materials available in the iTunes U, a number of colleges and universities are making use of this app to make education more interactive and innovative for their students.


    Mathway is the answer to every students needs of making algebraic calculations easier to understand. This app can instantly solve any math problem that you type in or take a picture of. It also act like a private tutor and provides a detailed step-by-step solution if you need one. It covers all math levels, including pre-algebra, algebra, calculus, trigonometry and statistics.

    Istudiez Pro Legend

    This app allows students to easily keep track of their task, assignments and upcoming exams and school events. It also provides notifications to help you follow suits on your daily schedule. This planner allows you to sort your tasks accordingly, be it by date, by subject or by priority. You can also set due dates for homework, keep track of the grades you’ve received and easily edit each item on your planner.

    With the right mindset, discipline and these tools in your arsenal, you’ll be able to make the most of your college life. All it takes is a few upgrades on your current studying practice, and you’ll be on your way to a better, more successful career in college.

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