Meditating on Med School? How to Determine Whether It’s Right for You

meditating med school

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  • Let’s face it, medical school isn’t for everyone.

    While some people know exactly what they want to do in life and how to get it done, most people struggle to find the right path.

    If attending medical school has crossed your mind, you may be considering becoming a physician or surgeon. But how do you know that medical school really is for you? There are five main questions to ask before submitting that med school application.

    Are You a Hard Worker?

    Med school is one of the most difficult educations you can invest in. It will be several long years of study followed by several more years of residency and other on-the-job training. If you plan on specializing in a certain field, such as neurology or orthopedics, there’s a lot of additional information to learn and skills to develop. This means that med school will require both passion and serious hard work.

    Do You Love Learning?

    Attending med school isn’t just about late nights and attending lectures. These things are required so you can learn about the systems of the body, ethics, and more.

    You will need to read every textbook and then study some more to retain all the information. If you truly love learning and then applying what you learned, med school may be right up your alley.

    Do You Genuinely Care About People?

    Being a doctor isn’t just about diagnosing an illness or ailment and treating it. You are treating the patients that look to you for care and compassion when they aren’t feeling well or are in pain. A physician needs to put the patient first when diagnosing and treating an issue.

    Bedside manner is important for anyone in the medical field, most especially the physicians. Do you care about people and want to help them live their life to the fullest?

    Are You Willing to Deal with Student Loans?

    Many of those applying to med school want to become physicians because of the money they can make. While it’s true that being a doctor can be lucrative, this doesn’t usually happen until several years after completing med school and their residency.

    Your first years as a physician will be spent proving and honing your skills in the office, hospital, emergency room, etc. While you’re doing that, you will have student loans to pay off. Med school is expensive, and you would need to dedicate several years to paying off loans while working as a doctor.

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    Will You Be Accepted?

    Nearly every med school in the U.S. will require several things before accepting you. Just like any college, they will request a higher than average GPA at your previous educational institution as well as a personal statement and essays.

    Proven volunteer work is also necessary to be accepted. However, a passing score on the MCAT, or the Medical College Admission Test, may not be enough. An MCAT preparation course can help you get the highest score possible, improving your chances of being accepted and even earning a scholarship.

    If you’ve decided that med school is for you and you have the passion and drive to be a physician, never give up on your dream of caring for your patients. Your education during med school will set you up to be a great doctor.

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