Unclear on a Career? 4 Strategies for Choosing a Fulfilling Major

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  • For most people, choosing a college major is one of the biggest decisions they will make in their lifetime.

    Your major sets you down a path that will determine who you spend your time with, the subjects you will study, and the careers that will be available to you.

    Choosing a major that is fulfilling and viable can be tricky. Use these four strategies to pick a fulfilling major that will pay off in the future.

    Take a Self-Assessment

    The first step in choosing a path is to know thyself. If you aren’t sure which major to choose, try taking a self-assessment. You can do an assessment on your own by looking at which activities and hobbies you enjoy, which subjects you excel in, and what’s important to you in life.

    Online assessments like the 16 Personalities Assessment can also be incredibly insightful.

    Take a Deep Breath

    Then take another one. It’s important to know that your major doesn’t define you. At this point in your life, choosing a major can feel like choosing your destiny. In reality, many people change their major and that’s okay.

    The best way to choose a major is to gather the facts, consider your interests, and make sure there will be a place for you in the workforce after completing said major.

    Compile Your Choices

    Once you have done the personal assessment, taken time to think, and have done the research, you can narrow down your choices to two or three majors. By now, you should have enough information about yourself and the programs to decide which one will be the best fit. You should have also researched the program requirements specific to the major at the college you wish to attend.

    Talk to Someone

    Talk to your parents, friends, teachers, and upperclassmen. Anyone who can give you insight will be helpful when choosing from your shortlist of majors. Students of that major will be able to tell you all about it, while past teachers will be able to provide you with academic insights about the subject matter and your abilities as a student.

    Another helpful person you may want to chat with is a professional. You can, for instance, schedule an appointment with a counselor, or perhaps even call a psychic hotline, if you wish to get further insights about your future college career.

    Choosing a major is no small feat, especially given the number of options most college students are presented. But it’s definitely not impossible. By doing your research, talking to the right people, and taking your time to consider your options, you will be able to choose a fulfilling major that you probably won’t end up changing. And, even if it doesn’t turn out how you were hoping, you can rest assured that you did your best to make a wise decision.

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