Helpful Tips for Finding a Suitable Roommate

helpful tips for finding a suitable roommate

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  • One of the advantages of living off-campus is your potential to find cheaper housing than offered on campus.

    Between more affordable neighborhoods and splitting rent with roommates, there are many financial reasons to scoot off the quad after your first or second year at college.

    However, a decrease in monthly rent doesn’t mean you should jump to sign a lease with just anybody.

    A surefire way to have an unenjoyable living experience is to live with someone who clashes with you. The best method to avoid this happening with your first lease is to vet prospective roommates.

    Explore our helpful tips for finding a suitable roommate with whom you can enjoy exploring the new freedoms of off-campus living.

    Start Your Search Early

    A top reason that people end up with roomies that they don’t vibe with is that they waited until the last minute to find them.

    When you start your search early, you give yourself (and your prospective roommate) plenty of time to decide whether you’ll make a solid pairing.

    You should start contemplating who to live with at least a couple of months in advance from when you’d like to sign a lease.

    You don’t have to set anything in stone three months before you’d like to move in, but it’s helpful to consider people you might want to reach out to.

    Early Bird Gets the Worm: Another advantage of securing a roommate in advance is that you will have a  more fruitful apartment search. It is a stressful experience to look for places off-campus on your own, so working with another individual alleviates some stress and increases your chances of finding a sweet pad.

    Consider Both of Your Daily Schedules

    Comparing your schedules can greatly determine your and a prospective roommate’s compatibility. If you have a job or class that lets out late, you likely don’t want a roomie who bustles around the apartment in the early hours of the day. Conversely, you should avoid night owls or big partiers if you’re someone who starts their days early.

    Considerations for Comparing Schedules: Sometimes, opposing schedules can make for a more harmonious space. Ponder over whether hanging out at the apartment with your roomie or plenty of alone time sounds better. Knowing which you prefer will inform whether you should look for someone with a similar or opposing schedule.

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    Determine What Matters Most to You

    Do you need a roommate who pays the rent on time? Is quiet? Is clean? Preferably all the above? One of the most helpful tips for finding a suitable roommate is to reflect on what elements matter most to you.

    You should ask yourself whether living with someone you already know is a priority or if you want to live with someone who’s lowkey. Either way, deciding on what your deal-breakers and must-haves for a roommate are will significantly enhance your search.

    And remember, you’re someone’s roommate, too—they’ll also look for quality roomie traits.

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