Hidden Features That You Didn’t Realize Your Modern Car Uses

Hidden Features That You Didn’t Realize Your Modern Car Uses

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  • The automobile is quite a complicated machine.

    There are so many parts to them, and keeping track of them all can be difficult, especially if you own a car made in the last few years.

    Today’s article is all about the hidden features that you didn’t realize your modern car uses.

    Road Condition Indicator

    Almost all cars these days have temperature gauges that let you know how hot or cold it is outside. This is a nice feature, but we all have phones that tell us the same info plus anything else we might want to know about the weather.

    Despite that, these features have stuck around in cars—and that’s because they have a second purpose. These sensors often make a dinging noise or display a snowflake icon on the dash when temperatures drop below a certain point.

    This is to warn you that the roads might be icy, which is certainly a good thing to be aware of while you’re driving.

    Gas Tank Locator

    Another dashboard indicator you might not know about is the gas tank locator. You might have noticed an arrow next to your gas icon that points to the left or right.

    That’s the marker that shows you which side of the car your gas tank input is on. Most of us remember where this is by instinct, but anyone who has recently bought a new car or who’s constantly driving different ones might find this pretty handy.

    Overdrive Capabilities

    This hidden feature that you didn’t realize your modern car uses was much more prominent back in the day when cars only had a few gears. Nowadays, almost all cars have a multitude of gears to utilize, so car companies have deeply integrated the overdrive capabilities into the cars’ systems, meaning it’s usually not its own option anymore.

    There’s a lot more you should know about this feature, but the most important thing that will matter to you is that it improves your car’s fuel consumption at higher gears. When you’re a broke college student, it’s always good to know that your car isn’t burning more gas at higher speeds.

    Conversation Mirror

    Minivans usually feature conversation mirrors, but other cars can have them, too. These typically pop down from above the rearview mirror and allow you to see into the back seat.

    Parents use them to check on their kids, but these mirrors are also quite helpful if you have friends in the back seat or use your car for ride-sharing purposes.

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    Interior Trunk Release

    For our final car element that shockingly few people know about, we have the interior trunk release. It’s unlikely that you would ever need to use this in your own car, but it’s good to know that all vehicles made after 2001 are legally required to have one.

    This information will be invaluable if you ever find yourself locked inside someone else’s trunk.

    Image Credit: by Adobe Stock royalty-free image #277226042

    Image credit: modern car uses by Adobe Stock royalty-free image #277226042

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