How Bullet Journaling Will Make You More Organized

bullet journaling

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  • College comes with responsibilities, schedules, and mandates that can’t be compromised.

    You are constantly given information and deadlines that you have to stick to.

    Failing to adhere to the information and instructions can lead to one failing a course or a school year. It’s important to follow all the mandates that are required to ensure success at the end of the college journey.

    With the overwhelming expectations that are required daily, it is important to learn how to bullet journal. Let’s take a look at how bullet journaling will make you more organized.

    What is Bullet Journaling?

    Bullet journaling is the practice and art of writing down daily instructions and requirements such as assignments, projects, research topics, ideas, and administrative chores that you need to complete. You will have to carry your journal throughout the day for instant access as you receive your instructions.

    You can find a variety of planners and journals, along with other organizational supplies, from reputable sources like Creative Primer. You can choose the colors, sizes, and formats that suit you best for organized planning.

    Now that you have an idea of what bullet journaling entails, let’s go further and see how this will help you be more organized.

    Clear Instructions

    A 45-minute lecture can include overwhelming instructions and expectations. It might be difficult to recall all that was expressed by your tutor or lecturer at the end of the session. Having a bullet journal handy means that as the instructor speaks, you write.

    Jotting down means not including every word that has been spoken, but writing down the main points. If you then take a look at the list that you would have created, the task will appear less daunting than when first expressed by your instructor.

    This will give you the confidence you need to tackle each instruction step by step.


    Executing the instructions and work allocated to you is important. However, missing deadlines of well-articulated work is similar to never having done the work in the first place. You must meet all the various deadlines that are expected of you. You may have three assignments that are due on different days for example, and you must not confuse these.

    You can dedicate certain pages of your bullet journal to deadlines. Alternatively, you can find a bullet journal that comes with sections dedicated to deadlines. This will ensure that your well-executed assignments are handed in and graded accordingly.


    Bullet journaling makes prioritizing your work much easier. Having looked at all the requirements that you would have jotted down, you can then rank the tasks to be focused on.

    Ranking can be based on deadlines, difficulty of task, or duration of task for instance. Once you have prioritized the tasks accordingly, you are then able to pace yourself to meet deadlines.

    Additional Notes

    Instructions can change over time. For example, a deadline or topic may change. Having initially jotted down the original instructions in your journal, you can always return to that space and write the added instructions.

    This makes sure that you don’t forget that the instructions have shifted and continue to work on what was initially set out for you. This mistake can cost you a high grade as you would have not followed instruction.

    Idea Formation

    Bullet journaling encourages you to expand your ideas from the noted topic, theme, or project. This means that your bullet list can turn into a spider diagram.

    For example, if you had noted a project regarding recycling, you can draw an arrow leading to an idea you may have about recycling such as making re-purposed jewellery. The spider diagram makes starting your project less daunting as you would have already mapped a way forward.


    Once you are in the thick of your essay, assignment, or project, you can always refer to the notes that you made in the bullet journal. Referring to your notes means you stick to the topic and accurately answer the questions provided. This also helps in times where you may have mental fog and need to re-assess the project.


    Bullet journaling helps to keep you organized during times where you may be overwhelmed with tasks and projects. A bullet journal helps you write down the instructions, meet deadlines, prioritize your actions, add notes, form ideas and refer to the instructions.

    You can choose a bullet journal that compliments your fashion style and writing requirement. Being organized is required for you to reach your passing grade.

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