How College Students Can Spend Time Together While Apart Due To COVID-19

how college students can spend time together

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  • Life as a college student in quarantine doesn’t have to mean eliminating human connection.

    In fact, it’s extra important this time of year to take care of your mental health and prioritize spending time with your loved ones, even virtually.

    You can engage with your closest friends, in a new way, with a lot of virtual solutions and remote activities. There are so many new platforms to help you stay connected and manage your extracurricular activities remotely. Here are a few remote activities and ideas to get you started:

    Remote Brunch

    Under normal circumstances, you and your friends might spend some Sundays getting ready for brunch at your favorite restaurant. Don’t let the fact that you can’t head over there right now stand in your way of celebrating special milestones or events.

    For example, Valentine s day is right around the corner. And while the holiday might get a lot of attention as far as couples go, it is also the perfect excuse for college students to celebrate the friendships near and dear to your heart.

    A virtual celebration can substitute for some in-person activities you would typically take part in or plan. Remote activities like a weekend brunch can be an excellent way to be together and exercise your creative muscles.

    If you’re the host, you can choose a theme and then send all of your closet gal pals a cute gift basket for the day of your virtual party and brunch. You can include things like makeup, face masks, snacks, and even cocktail ingredients.

    Consider using an alcohol delivery service for your cocktail essentials and mixers if everyone is of legal drinking age. Once you all get into the spirit with your cocktail or mocktail, everyone can apply their face masks just like you would together.

    Remote Movie Night

    Movies are a great way to connect with other college students, especially your closest friends. Hosting a remote movie night viewing party is also an easy solution to getting some safe social interaction. Thanks to Netflix, you can use Teleparty to watch TV and movies with up to 50 friends despite the distance.

    Once you sign up, you can share a party link to invite your friends to your specific movie night. You can use this tech to customize your party with user icons, nicknames, and even utilize their chat room feature to share your thoughts and reactions during the movie.

    In terms of pre-planning, you can organize your snacks and drinks as you normally would. Before you start your movie, connect with other students by asking things like:

    1. What’s your go-to movie snack?
    2. What’s your favorite movie genre?
    3. If you could star in any movie, what would it be?

    These are all great questions to spark fun conversations as a group and learn more about each other. Another way to connect before starting the movie is choosing a person to share a specific talent. Maybe you or one of your friends makes delicious cookies and wants to share how to frost them. Or maybe someone is great at at-home spa treatments and can show everyone how to properly mask up before watching your movie.

    Whatever it is, being able to laugh and connect together is crucial to feeling like you aren’t missing out on all the great memories you’d be making in-person.

    Remote Book Club

    A virtual book club is a fantastic remote activity to help college students effectively connect while discussing their favorite reads. Sure, it might not be as close-knit as crowding together at your local library or coffee shop. But it doesn’t mean you can’t make it a highlight in your busy week.

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    Once you have a solid group of friends committed to a regular remote book club, you can spend the first meeting choosing your first read. As college students, you have a lot on your plate. If it makes more sense, you can choose a weekly article to discuss instead of an entire book. Either way, a remote reading club is a great way to spark conversation and connection.

    Consider these reading prompts:

    1. What character did you relate to most/least and why?
    2. Was there a part of the book you would change? Why?
    3. What surprised you the most about the ending?
    4. Did you learn anything new?
    5. Would you recommend this book to other people? Why or why not?

    At the end of the day, getting creative with remote activities will help you build bonds with friends and even meet other college students. There are so many fun ways to connect and learn about each other, so be sure to set time aside to spend with people you care about.

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