Ways To Show Initiative at Your New Job

way to show initiative at your job

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  • Starting your first job, whether it’s the summer before you begin your college career or the first one you get after graduating, can be nerve-wracking.

    You might not know what to do, who to talk to, or what your responsibilities are.

    If you want to impress the people you work with, you’ll need to take some initiative. That can mean different things for different jobs, but we’ll give you a few ways to show initiative at your new job so that you can really make a splash.

    Always Ask for More

    Entry-level jobs don’t usually inundate you with responsibilities right off the bat. Some employees might use this as an excuse to slack off and coast.

    If you want to avoid this pitfall, you need to be proactive and ask for more things to do. This will show your coworkers that you’re there to work and do it to the best of your ability.

    Involve Your Team

    If you’re really looking for a way to show initiative at your job, you’re going to need to be a team player. Having a team-first mindset will help your coworkers see your work more clearly.

    Showing initiative on your own is good, but showing it on behalf of your team is even better. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, though. That’s why you have a team in the first place, and they will commend you for knowing when you need assistance.

    Ask Questions

    You won’t be able to absorb all the information you receive on your first day right away. That’s completely normal. and you shouldn’t feel nervous about asking questions of your coworkers.

    Asking the right kinds of questions shows that you have the drive to understand what you’re doing better. It can also help if you ask about other things that don’t relate to your job specifically, such as how the business’s other departments work. This line of questioning shows that you have a healthy curiosity about the company you are working for.

    Start Something New

    It can be easy to get comfortable in your job and not feel like you need to take the initiative anymore. You’ll need to fight this feeling if you want to get ahead. If you notice that everything has become a little too routine, try starting something new at your job.

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    Look for other positions to strive for or create a new project like a charitable giving program. Whatever you do, make sure you aren’t resting on your laurels.

    Request Feedback

    You won’t be able to improve yourself or your work if you don’t know what you’re doing wrong. An employee who shows initiative is one who actively seeks out feedback on their performance.

    You might be doing the job well enough, but what if you could do it better? Most supervisors will be glad to hear that you’re looking to improve yourself.

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