How Do I College? A How-To Guide for Incoming Freshmen

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  • One of the most exciting and rewarding experiences that an individual can have is going to college and attaining a degree.

    However, it’s important to know that entering college for the first time can be a very nerve-wracking experience.

    Below you’ll find a few strategies you can implement to make your transition into college more successful:

    Implement Health Strategies

    Although many people think their level of health is irrelevant to their happiness and performance in college, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, optimizing your level of health will have a wide range of wonderful, life-giving benefits that can make your college experience more productive and positive.

    As noted in Healthy Futures, two of the benefits that result from eating healthy foods include stress reduction and mood elevation. You can use a free online resource like to see what types of food you’re eating each day and whether you’re meeting all of the daily recommendations for micronutrients and macronutrients.

    Participate In a University Club

    Another wonderful strategy that you should implement to make your freshmen year more smooth and successful is participating in a university club. This strategy works for several reasons. First, it ensures that you have a support network. Being around like-minded people who are genuinely concerned about your well-being is what having a support network is all about, and this strategy can help reduce stress while also ensuring that you can attain assistance if you experience challenges such as a financial difficulty, medical emergency, mood disturbance, etc.

    Another great benefit of joining a university club is that doing so can function as a stepping stone for your career. For example, if you want to be a doctor and you join a medical university club, you can list the experiences and knowledge you gain through group membership on your future job applications. You may also meet individuals who provide you with job, volunteer, or internship opportunities that might be ideal for you!

    Develop Your Study Skills

    While there are many ways that an individual can define success in college, many if not most students consider good grades to be a clear indication of a significant accomplishment that will lead to happiness and sociocultural mobility. As such, it’s important to sharpen your study skills so that you can get and remain on the road to obtaining good grades throughout your college career.

    Luckily, there are hundreds of great study strategies you can implement to increase the likelihood that you perform well on your exams and quizzes. One is the use of flashcards to learn new material. You can create your flashcards and review them while in the grocery store check-out line, on the train, etc. Another great study strategy that may work wonders for you is joining a study group!

    Consider Attending a Local College

    One strategy you can implement to make your transition into college easier is attending a local school like Independence University or a similar community college. There are many benefits that can result from taking this course of action. One is being close to family members and friends who may be able to provide you with emotional support and motivational encouragement if the need arises. Another benefit is the ability to save money. As noted in US News, many community colleges charge just $1,000 for in-state tuition. As such, you may be able to save on tuition if you choose to attend a local educational facility.

    If you’re preparing to enter college and find this new reality to be anxiety-inducing, don’t worry. Instead, start implementing some or all of the success strategies outlined for you in this how-to guide. Doing so will empower you to ensure that your college experience is an amazing one!

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