After Your Service: How Members of the Military Can Get an Education

how military members can get an education

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  • Military veterans and service members have many options for higher education of which they may not be aware.

    An associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree, or technical training certification may be within closer reach than you imagined.

    Read on to make sure you are making the most of benefits available to you for higher education and technical training, to give you the best life advantage and make real the future you envision.

    GI Bill

    The GI Bill, first passed after World War II to help veterans transition back into society after war, provided an opportunity to go to college or university at no extra cost. The Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act, passed and signed in 2008, renewed and expanded, this bill provides veterans with full tuition coverage of any in-state public college or university as well as funding for housing, books and school expenses, and moving costs if you live in a rural area and are moving to a city.

    The GI Bill also assists with those who are interested in job training, including the following:

    • Vocational training
    • Technology education classes
    • Apprenticeships and on the job training
    • Flight training
    • Fees for technical certification tests

    However, these schools and training programs may not be possible for everyone to use. You may not have the time or finances to attend full time university. You may still be active duty, have children, or already be working.

    For those to whom this applies, there are online options for higher education that can work within your finances, schedule, and commitments. Look into whatever programs you can, and leave the rest. Do not kill yourself looking for the right school to attend.

    Education Opens Doors

    Having an education opens a lot of doors for you in the workaday world. There are so many various opportunities in the world of education that will be opened to you if you but simply investigate.

    Start your research as soon as you can, that way, you will be that much farther ahead of the game. When it comes to education, you might need to speak to a counselor to figure out what you want to major in. They will be able to help guide you to the correct area(s) that will help you with your educational pursuits.

    After military service, going to school is a no-brainer. After all, the government will most likely pay for it, so why not take advantage? Decide on what you really want, and then you will know exactly what course will be best for you.

    Online University for Military Members

    Most colleges and universities have online or hybrid online in-person programs that allow you to pursue your degree in a realistic format. Many of these institutions that offer online university for military members, are particularly military-friendly or designed for former or current service members.

    If you are a member of the military, this is something you should think about. Many universities and colleges across the country have programs for military members.

    These programs can include:

    • Tuition reduction, scholarships, and full tuition coverage
    • Earning college credit for your service
    • Resources and support centers for military
    • Fast-track graduation plans specifically for military
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    There are also rolling admissions and multiple start dates, so you can plan what works for you. Whatever you imagine your future to be, there are resources and ways to make it happen.

    Knowing what is possible is the first step, and there are many opportunities for military service members that are designed to repay the sacrifice and help you transition to civilian life and create a career and a lifetime of security.

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