How to Continue Your Education after Getting Your Bachelor’s Degree

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  • For a long time, a bachelor’s degree was enough to ensure most people a comfortable living throughout their adult life. However, the world has changed, and the rate at which new information is being discovered, as well as the regulations that dictate the qualifications for many jobs. Because of this, schooling is often required periodically throughout an adult life. Whether you love to learn, or see it as a means to an end, finding ways to continue learning will help you maintain a career edge, and keep your mind sharp at the same time. Here are some of the avenues you can consider when looking for post-bachelors learning:


    CEU’s are continuing education credits. There are a number of professions, like teaching and many components of the medical field that require licensees to maintain a certain number of CEU’s each year or every other year. This keeps them apprised of new techniques, and has the additional advantage of networking with others in your industry. These are often easy to find if you join a professional society in your chosen field, or your employer may have suggestions for training opportunities.

    University Extension Programs

    University extensions are open to anyone in the community, and don’t require enrollment at a school to accomplish. They are often geared toward full-time workers, and are offered on nights and weekends to keep from conflicting with regular working hours. Extensions can offer certificates in things that help your career, or fun endeavors in the arts, literature, etc. Their goal is to create the opportunity to be as career driven or as well rounded as you choose.

    Graduate Schooling

    For those who stay on the educational track, the next step is often graduate school. Depending on your field, you can opt to get a master’s degree, a Ph.D., both, or a combined degree. Not all fields offer a Ph.D., and if your goal is to become a professor, you often must seek the highest degree in your field and follow with post-doctorate work before applying. For example, getting a Norwich University degree in military history can help perpetuate your professional goals to a higher plane. Be aware that not all graduate schooling turns directly into a higher paycheck. However, the ability to achieve the highest credential and become a renowned expert in a chosen field is often more appealing for many.

    Online Education

    Finances, life circumstances, and other things may make it difficult for many people to take the time and/or spend the money in graduate school. Online programs are a great choice for these people, as they can often do the work on their own time, and still continue to earn the paycheck that their family counts on. More and more online degrees are becoming possible, and in many fields, they are becoming as respected as full-time degrees.

    If you loved learning in college, you will be happy to find all of the great opportunities that still exist for you in post-bachelors education. For many who find themselves in need of an edge in a competitive work environment, or stuck without advancement opportunity, this is a great way to move forward.

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