How To Help Improve Learning Through Social Distancing

how to help improve learning

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  • Social distancing has given people great learning experiences just to put it out there.

    In these strange times, people have learned a lot about self-isolation and social distancing.

    With the pandemic, people have had to relearn a lot, and social distancing is one of them. Learning strategies help make the way you teach and the way information is passed to be easily understood.

    Here are a couple of strategies that can apply during this time.

    Make it Simple

    When it comes to having a remote learning strategy, simplicity is key. Make all instructions easy to access for both the students and teachers.

    Making things simple can also improve accessibility for learners who find it hard to access the internet and computers. An easy process can allow them to access the work and complete it on a simple smartphone or smart device. Hence, giving them a great advantage and allows them not to miss out while others are learning.

    You can also make it simple by creating simple schedules for students to use at their convenience. Make sure the schedule also allows them time to relax and have breaks as well. Having simple schedules allows students to feel more productive and relaxed.

    Make it Fun

    As you teach virtually, make use of creative teaching methods that make the students get involved and participate. This makes it easy to capture the students’ attention, making them enjoy having their lessons.

    Additionally, as a teacher, your students will have gained knowledge in a fun and interesting manner. You can make use of games-allow them to play games before a class starts and break sessions in between the class.

    They can even have singing sessions or a story session in between the class. Hence, this will allow them to be jovial and interactive and improve productivity as most students will be active and alert.

    Make it Flexible

    During assigning tasks to students after a lesson, give them the freedom to submit the tasks with their ways of creativity. You can allow them to take pictures, make videos and for those who can write as well, give them the freedom to do so.

    This gives the students the urge and interest to learn to do the task because they have the freedom. It also makes them want to learn more because they can show more of their passion and creativity.

    It also allows the students to express themselves and grasp things easily as they are given the time to understand an assignment and complete it diligently. Also, this allows you as the teacher to understand the students individually.

    You will get to know the best ways to implement what is needed while teaching to cater to students’ needs.

    Be Clear

    When you are assigning tasks, make sure to be as clear as possible to your target audience on what should be done. This makes it easy for the learners to understand their tasks and also be able to complete them correctly and within the time required. If you have logins, make sure that they are simple logins given to students.

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    Be Organized

    Create starting routines that highlight the plans and expectations for the day’s lesson. Make sure assignments or lessons are planned out. When the learners and teachers meet for classes, they should know what is supposed to be done.

    It should be easy for them to be ready and prepared for a class. Therefore, making it easy to have a great and smooth lesson. Hence, by this, you can be able to achieve a productive class and day.

    Times have changed, and if there is anything we have learned, we can adapt to anything new and survive. People can achieve every goal in school and through learning by just modifying their learning approach.

    We have also learned that we can be creative and successful with other modes of learning and social distance learning. We learn how to keep our kids in school but in separate spaces.

    With personalized items, we learn to teach kids that they can still have great learning without having to be together with their classmates as it was before.

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