How to Improve Your Study Skills While in Med School

how to improve your study skills while in med school

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  • For many students, beginning medical school is a dream come true.

    However, medical school is not for the faint of heart.

    Having a few tried-and-true study tactics on hand might help you feel more confident as a medical student and better prepared for exam day.

    If you’re wondering how to study effectively for medical school, or if you believe your present medical school study strategies may need a tune-up, these recommendations can assist you.

    1. Commitment to Daily Study Time

    If you want to improve at anything—a sport, a musical instrument, or speaking a foreign language—you must commit to daily practice. Preparation for med school classes and a large exam like Step 1 are not dissimilar—dedicating time to studying each day is critical to success.

    Thus, the optimal amount of study time for these students is anywhere between three and eight hours per day, most likely closer to the six-to-eight-hour range.

    Only a few students said they studied for eight hours or more every day. The authors determined that eight hours of study per day is a likely limit. After all, students must schedule time for activities other than studying.

    You can utilize the help of solutions like the moca peds study guide to ensure you achieve optimum productivity. While it is important to do well on tests, it is also critical to preserve one’s physical and mental health!

    2. Acquaint Yourself with Your Study Sweet Spot

    When it comes to learning, we all have unique capabilities. Some of us are predisposed to learning via lectures, while others thrive on the written word.

    You probably have a fair notion of your strengths at this point. Adopt research approaches that capitalize on such advantages.

    If you learn best by hearing, request that courses be recorded for subsequent study through headphones. If you are a visual learner, look for chances to draw, such as organ system diagrams.

    Creating and labeling a diagram serves as an excellent memory aid. In general, the most effective method of studying in medical school is the one that works best for you.

    3. Avoid Studying While You are Exhausted

    Psychologists have discovered that everyone has a tired time of day. Avoid attempting to study at that time. Rather than that, arrange some physical exercise, such as leisure, during that period.

    If you’re behind on your homework, utilize that time to organize your notes, clean up your desk, gather your books, or study with a buddy. Utilize the notion of association learning.

    Make a concerted effort to study the same topic simultaneously and in the same location each day. After a little while, you will notice that when you arrive at that time and location, you are automatically in the topic "groove."

    Train your brain to think mathematically in response to a time-place signal, and it will no longer take you ten minutes a day to be in the math mindset. Not only will you save the time and emotional energy formerly required to prepare for math or anything else mentally, but you will also retain more of what you are learning.

    After studying, encourage your efforts by engaging in an activity you like. Experts understand that positive reinforcement increases the frequency and duration of an activity.

    4. Seek Your Assistance

    If you are having difficulty with a specific subject, do not be hesitant to seek assistance. A fellow student may be able to assist you, or you may approach an instructor, particularly if you are puzzled.

    Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to contact a lecturer with questions if you have difficulty understanding the content. Generally, teachers are willing to provide further information.

    Instructors are uniquely qualified to teach you study skills for medical school since they have been there themselves. You may be shocked at how many other kids are also requesting assistance. Students often struggle with the same content repeatedly, owing to its difficulty.

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    Another effective approach for studying for medical school courses is to meet with the instructors after each test. You’ll develop a stronger relationship with your lecturer, better understand the medical school class requirements, and learn from your mistakes.

    Medical school friendships may last a lifetime. Medical school is a rigorous academic experience that only those who have been there can appreciate.

    Your classmates may assist you in studying by providing companionship, insight, and moral support. You are stronger together than you are separate, with the appropriate group.

    Meeting with peers to discuss class topics might help you maintain accountability. Additionally, educating others is a well-established method for medical students to improve their understanding of a subject.

    Enhancing your study abilities might be a huge equalizer in the educational system. Effective studying is the one factor that is certain to result in excellent results in school.

    However, it is paradoxical that pupils nearly never get instruction on how to study efficiently in school. Fortunately, there is credible information about how to study.

    It has been proven scientifically that one style of note-taking is superior to another and that there are also paths to more successful reviewing, remembering, and textbook reading.

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