How Whiteboard Animation Can Help in the Classroom

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  • Are you tired of teaching the same old way?

    Well, whiteboard animation has been slowly taking up space in the classroom.

    Many modern-day tutors are using Whiteboard animations to teach their students.

    How Is A Whiteboard Animation Made?

    There are different tips on creating a good Whiteboard animation, first is to have a solid script. You identify the key pointers you want to share and use crisp and definite terms with a substantial hand. Remember, the Whiteboard Animations are there specifically to cut down on the test.

    What is whiteboard animation? Whiteboard Animations prevents you from being labeled a boring teacher. Script the entire video and also set the pace of the image of the transitions on the video.

    Secondly, have a good beginning, the middle part of the animation, and the end. Just like a story, the flow of your energy pulls in the learner. Keep in mind that whiteboard animations are short since they range between 60 seconds to five minutes.

    Third, keep the imagery very well since it is the backbone of your whiteboard animation video. Lastly, have accompanying audio and background music to add an impact to explain the scenarios being presented to the learners.

    In the past, the process of making a whiteboard animation was tedious and lengthy. The standard way of making a Whiteboard animation was to do it manually on a whiteboard. The drawings were then fast-paced to make it seem "animated."

    Today, the process has been made easier with popular graphic design software such as Photoshop, Flash, or Illustrator, making it easier to draw illustrations.

    Also, animation software’s like VideoScribe can create the hand-drawn effect and output the video in MP4. The video edited and made in VideoScribe can then be shared across video platforms such as Vimeo, YouTube, and the company website or classes you teach.

    Four Advantages of Whiteboard Animation in Learning

    Whiteboard animation has countless benefits, especially in marketing, infomercials, and corporate business. However, in education, it is now a tool of learning and teaching.

    • 1. Offer Class Refreshers and Synopsis of Books

      Remember teaching a topic, and you feel you need to cover it in a few minutes to brainstorm the students? Well, whiteboard animations can offer "refreshers" to remind the learners what they learned in a previous session or lesson.

      A whiteboard animation crafted in this manner helps the learner refresh and revise as per the topic’s need. Thanks to whiteboard animation, many viewers now recall information by 15%.

      The animation triggers an easier way to remember things. According toWe Are Cognitive, they made a filming process named "live scribbling", which eventually came whiteboard animation.

      The merger to create cognitive has become very popular worldwide and is being used as a new teaching medium. Thanks to mental, we see whiteboard animation on BBC and TED, which h has improved the content overlook of these two companies.

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    • 2. Explaining Processes

      Complex tutorials and processes like assembling parts, machinery, and others can be illustrated using whiteboard animations. After being broken down and explained as whiteboard animation, the image makes one understand the process better.

    • 3. Do Demonstrations and Experiments

      In a class, demonstrations are now regular, mostly in practical courses. Thanks to technology, whiteboard animations create articulate demos. When drawings are put together to represent a product in animation form is more important than actual pictures.

    • 4. Use Whiteboard Animation to do Learner Ddifferentiation

    • In a class, we have slow and fast learners. This causes the teacher to have a tough time teaching two very different kinds of learners. To a teacher, whiteboard animation is an excellent tool in differentiating learners who learn quicker through pictures and animation than those who read.

      However, your spatial students are going to enjoy your lesson videos. Differentiation of learners is done by having two different whiteboard animations for tough topics in subjects that require critical thinking.


    Whiteboard animations are gaining popularity as a teaching tool in institutions. It is an impactful tool in technology-aided learning since it is short, aligns well with learners, and aligns well with the learner’s needs. For example, when you are required to show students how to perform a specific task, you need a more in-depth video. If you log on to YouTube and see Whiteboard animations and like them, they might be the teaching solution for you.

    Image Credit: whiteboard animation by Pixabay

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