The Importance of Extra-Curricular Activities in Education

extra curricular activities

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  • Good grades and an excellent attendance record are certainly important to your future ambitions, but even if you’re doing brilliantly at both, you might be putting a stumbling block in your career plans if those are all that you focus on.

    It’s all well and good to do well academically, but if you want to stand out and make yourself more desirable to employers or your choice of college or university, then you need to explore some options outside of the classroom.

    No matter what you hope to move onto next, whether you’re in high school or your final year of college, your CV is going to be a lot more appealing if you include extracurricular activities that complement your education – even better so if it’s a hobby you’ve engaged with since a young age.

    Your education will be better

    There is clear research that suggests that extra-curricular activities are good for the brain and can improve academic performance. Even if your grades are good, you can always give them a boost. Taking part in activities that are either outside of the school environment or as part of your school’s roster of after-school clubs exposes you to a wider world than you find in the classroom. This, in turn, gives you a wider understanding of your place in society, which is something that you take with you no matter where you intend on ending up.

    Boost your CV

    It is more important than ever that your CV is something that will help you stand out from the crowd. You might think that your award for tennis might not do you any favors if you’re thinking about following a career in STEM subjects, but for those looking at your CV, your dedication to activities outside of the classroom will indicate a more rounded student. Your achievements also give you something to talk about in interviews, which in turn helps you to stand out and stand a better chance of being remembered positively. Consider the situation where a university course-leader is meeting potential students. They’re far more likely to approve the student who has taken part in relevant activities or can apply to the course the key skills they have learned on work-experience or as part of their club participation.

    In school and out of it

    The best thing about extra-curricular activities is that you tailor them to your own interests. If you are considering a future as a vet, then zoos and veterinary surgeries might offer work experience opportunities that can help you decide if that career option is something you’ll love. Most schools, colleges, and universities offer their own catalog of activities that you can explore, whether it’s photography classes, swimming clubs or computer skills groups.

    However, for your child have the best chance of being accepted into a highly regard college, you need to think about their education from primary school, all the way to high school, and the extra-curricular activities they can pursue even from a young age. You can either enroll your child into a private school if you want the chance to send your child to an Ivy League or other prestigious college. Before you choose which schools to send your child, make sure you find out more by checking the school’s website, and ask for their success rates and what they have to offer.

    Some people make a distinction between extracurricular activities and co-curricular activities, but whether you make that distinction or not, your education record will be vastly improved by taking part in either or both. In an increasingly volatile employment landscape, you need to make sure that you get everything you can out of your education, and you might just have fun at the same time. The more extra-curricular activities you do throughout your education, the more successful you’ll be once you’ve graduated from college.

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