International Students: How to Survive the Between-Year Stress

international students

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  • International students (and those whose parent’s live hours upon hours away from their university) typically have a dilemma between school years.

    Unless you’ve lived a relatively minimal lifestyle and can pack your entire room away into a suitcase, you now have a lot of possessions, belongings, and equipment that you frankly have no idea what to do with.

    You can’t throw it out – that printer cost you so much as it is, after all – but you also can’t stay somewhere with it nearby during the few months between the end of your tenancy, and the start of your new one. That’s why, to save you from the between-year stress, you should follow this guide:

    Spring Clean

    The first step, of course, is to go through all your things and do a spring clean. Getting rid of unnecessary documents, items, and even clothes that you have accumulated throughout the year is a great way to lower the items that you need to pack, as well as keep things neat and orderly.

    There is no reason to bring belongings you don’t care about with you. Sort through your papers, scan or keep what you want and need to, and recycle the rest. Donate your old clothes and other items, and throw out the rest. What you will have left is what you truly value, allowing you to get a great start.

    How to Store Your Items

    Refrain from packing away your possessions in haste; in fact, you’ll find that many of them will need to be packed properly to avoid rot or damp. You also wouldn’t want to throw paints in with books, for instance, but this goes much further than that. If you are storing shoes, make sure to pack socks or other fabric inside them so that they keep their shape. Knowing how to store your items can help you preserve them and move them.

    How to Organize Your Packing

    Chances are that when you first get in with your belongings you will be tired. This is typically because you will have either had a long drive or flight to get where you are. Therefore, when you are packing, you should pack boxes in order of importance. Bed sheets and towels, as well as other necessary toiletries, should be in one box so that you can quickly get them out and set your room up once you’ve returned.

    Opt for a Storage Facility

    Once everything is packed, you’ll need somewhere to store it. There are great Safestore facilities around Leeds and the UK that will allow international students such as yourself to store your belongings safely. Don’t take a chance with your stuff, especially when most of it has come from across an ocean. Put your trust in the professionals who understand the importance of secure storage.  

    Moving residencies between school years is always tough, but heading overseas doesn’t have to cause anxieties to appear. All you have to do is pack, prepare and know how you’re going to deal with such an issue.  

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