Incredible Benefits of Writing Skills Than Reading

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  • Many of us were introduced to daily writing during our childhood itself.

    Those days people around us forced us to manage a daily journal to develop writing skills but never explained about the real benefits of writing.

    This has been a major problem not only in writing but in many other areas as well.

    We have advised to develop a skill but never really taught how to begin with and about the benefits that skills bring to us. One specific example is the classroom where the tutor tells the students not to look around during the class and just concentrate on the class. But they forgot to teach anyone how to concentrate at all, watching the tutor and listening to what he saying is not all about concentrating. There is a lot more about it.

    Similarly writing is a skill which should be followed by all irrespective of their career or life situation. We have brought you the benefits of writing over reading any content and also how you can develop a habit of writing daily. You are writing something to yourself more than to prove to anybody else.

    There is a universal false understanding that writing benefits just the reader not the writer. When we write a diary or an article or a general note on a paper, it creates a conversation with the real you in the first place. You do all your talking in the mind, where you are thinking about the ideas and presenting to the world in the form of words. Let’s look at how you can incorporate writing in your life and enjoy the endless benefits for a happier life.

    1. You’ll Look for Opportunities to Write

    Once you begin writing, it increases the positivity within you because you are no longer doing the talking just inside your brain. When you bring things into writing, it helps to clear out the hurdles and march ahead in solving the problem or a matter.

    2. You’ll Become More Organized

    When you began to recognize your love for writing, it will move you head in a structured approach. On the reading is as equally important to writing but we must put our learning into practice.

    A common trait of many successful people is that they have two things in common, learning a craft and implement the craft to their work. We fail if we just do either one of them for a long time.

    3. Your Writer’s Block Will Disappear

    By nature, we have to overcome a block to complete any task in our life. When it comes to writing, we call it a “Writer’s block” which occurs while we aren’t much passionate to do any task. When you adopt a daily habit of writing anything that comes to your mind, then it helps to clear out the writer’s block.
    It will seem awkward at first but just push yourself and keep writing and don’t remember you are here to improve your living and you have to work hard for that.

    4. Your Vocabulary Will Grow

    Another big factor in having a writing habit is the Vocabulary exposure. Writing everyday will put you into expanding your vocabulary in order to improvise you writing. Having a small set of vocabulary and repeating them for a long time will not help in writing a stand out content. Find ways to represent same meaning with common words which explains things in a smart way.

    There are signs to figure out whether you have enough love to writing on the first place. Things like “you love adventure”, “you love to read”, “you’d rather feel better to write it rather say it”, “you are curious to grow”, “you are passionate to succeed in life” helps to believe in your ability to write every day.

    Never mind if you are novice, the world has got a place for everyone. Just buy a new journal, there are numerous resources available to kickstart your writing. Buy any one of the latest 2017 diaries from an online store or a nearby shop and just let the words flow and start writing.

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