6 Adjustments to Make When Moving to Study Abroad

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  • Studying abroad is a concept that can provide you with so many different advantages, ranging from broadening your world views all the way to acquiring a higher quality of education.

    Nonetheless, it’s definitely a challenge that you’ll have to work hard to overcome.

    Fortunately, with six simple adjustments on your side, this challenge won’t be nearly as hard to tackle as you might have feared.

    Do your research

    In the age of the internet, online reviews and social networks, it’s a lot easier for you to figure out what you’re getting into. You can connect with other students, read some reviews and even survey the neighborhood that you’re moving into. You can also use social networks to find friends at the location before actually heading there and more. The more work you invest, the easier the transition will be.

    Check the purchasing power parity (PPP)

    Even with the full scholarship, moving to a distant country for your education might be too expensive. On the other hand, the other way around is possible, as well. The only way to know for sure is to check the financial aspect of the living standard in the target country and compare it to your own region.

    There are a lot of complex methods to do so but there’s one quite simple – looking at the Big Mac Index. This unofficial PPP comparison tool will try and show you how local prices in the area that you’re migrating to differ from what you’re used to.

    Consider your lodging

    The next issue that you need to pay attention to is the issue of your lodging. Sure, the majority of people are just looking for a place where they can crash temporarily, however, what about people who intend to stay in the country after they are done with their education?

    In that particular case, it would be wise to get in touch with local buyers’ agents like Curtis Associates and start surveying potential properties as soon as possible. Even if you don’t intend to buy right away, doing your research on time is more than a great idea.

    Prepare for the local culture

    Your interactions with your colleagues and professors may differ once you move to a different culture. This is something that you should prepare for in order not to come off as rude or insensitive. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that learning all of these things really don’t take much time. Sure, you’ll get a pass every now and then on the account of being a foreigner but not even making an attempt to adjust is outright rude.

    Remember why you’re there

    There’s something incredibly liberating about going half-way across the world to the land of new options and opportunities. The biggest problem with this is that it makes incredibly easy for people to lose focus and perspective. In other words, it makes it easier for people to forget why they went there, in the first place. In order to avoid this problem, you should try to make a list as a reminder of all the goals you want to achieve and the way in which this move will allow you to do so. Go back to this list every once in a while in order to reinforce your motivation.

    other valuable tips:

    Stay in touch with people back home

    Nowadays, going half-a-world away is easier than ever before. Why? Well, because you have a much easier job of staying in touch with people back home. Be honest, there are a lot of close people that you don’t get to see every day or even every month, yet, you still chat with them online or face-cam with them all the time. This doesn’t have to (and shouldn’t) change.

    In conclusion

    Moving to a different city is hard, let alone studying in a distant country, yet, this is one of those experiences that will definitely make you grow as a person. Other than this, you also get a degree, something impressive to put on your resume and some valuable contacts all over the world. It is a clear and undeniable win-win scenario, regardless of your point of view.

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      Getting into an international university sure is a challenge in itself. With many factors to consider before moving out you’ll have a hard time choosing what would be your next step. then there’s also your visa application and F1 visa interview to take care of. With all this troubles another thing that is being neglected is your health which is far the most important for any student so better check on that as well.

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