Why Network Marketing is Appealing to a Younger Generation

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  • As a younger member of the millennial generation, freedom to do what you want has always been the ideal lifestyle.

    With endless access to technology and information, you’ve grown up with the right to know and make your own decisions.

    This has translated to the desire to do what you set out to do, with nothing or no one in the way.

    Living for you, is about having a sense of autonomy—especially when it comes to working. As this generation blossoms into their adult life, the popularity of entrepreneurship is at an all-time high—and it’s paved the way for growth in network marketing.  

    Here are just a few reasons why multi-level marketing jobs are appealing to the younger generation of freshly graduated college individuals and young professionals.

    Freedom From the 9-5 Office Job

    Gone are the days of striving to obtain that 9-5, corporate office job. Even if you do have one, the structure is changing—due largely in part to advanced connective technologies that allow people to work from wherever they please. Working from home has become a viable option for many in the workforce and the trend isn’t looking to stop anytime soon.

    For network marketing jobs, all the tools you need can be found within arm’s distance. Access to the internet and all the networks along with smart phones and communications technologies allow you to keep in touch with your immediate network and go beyond to recruit others.

    Teaches You How to Sell

    Having access to education is moving away from being a privilege and moving more towards being everyone’s right. The theme to continue learning has been further enabled by the integration of technology. Online and distance learning have become a major way for people of all walks to learn as they please.

    Multi-level marketing companies in particular, encourage entrepreneurship by providing tools and training to those who join their network. Amway, for example, is a direct-selling organization that teaches you the techniques to grow your customer network as well as its network of employees. You’ll learn useful tips on how to make a sale, utilize social platform and grow your people skills to increase interest and investment in what you’re selling.   

    Develops Money-Management Skills

    Network marketing positions help people learn money-management skills. For those working for companies like Lularoe, you are responsible for seeing the money that comes in and what needs to be paid out to cover the actual retail cost of items you sell. Being able to play multiple roles within a company has allowed young millennials to learn every single side to running a business. It’s all about blending roles and less about siloed roles—companies, more and more, are finding it more valuable to have seamless teams where employees can be versatile and well-versed on all different sides of the business.

    Promotes Leadership Skills

    As a generation where social and political change seem to be high priority, so too does being a leader. Through social media and sharing technology, this generation has been able to have a voice and have it be heard. It makes network marketing jobs extra appealing because of their ability to help hone these leadership skills. You become in charge of your own practice—and your success is determined by the effort you put into it and the people you’re able to get on board and inspire to work towards the same goals.

    Using Social Media is Natural

    Because millennials have grown up with the emergence of social media, using multiple social platforms is second-hand nature. So, why wouldn’t they be drawn to jobs that leverage these communication networks to get the job done? Multi-level marketing careers let employees capitalize on social media. You can use your social media networks to share the products you sell, recruit others to join your team and also build followers and become a legitimate social media influencer. It’s the perfect job because the learning curve isn’t large for someone who has done social media nearly their entire lives.

    Network marketing is extremely appealing to the younger generation of working professionals because it sets them up for success. Not only do you learn how to become more autonomous as an individual, you are able to use a skillset that relies on technology—one that you’re very familiar with and already have a head start on. Jobs that tap into this type of marketing, champion the entrepreneurial spirit where being your own boss not only is more professionally fulfilling than any other job out there, but truly fulfilling on a personal level.

    Image Credit: Pixabay

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