How to Avoid Stress as a College Student

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  • It is quite possible that attending college is going to be one of the most stressful things you’ll ever do.

    Some reasons for this include the many assignments, tight deadlines, and often complex subject matters.

    However, it’s important that you find ways not to allow the stress to overwhelm you.

    Doing so could result in emotional and mental breakdowns as well as affect your wellbeing. There are numerous ways that you can avoid stress as a college student, and a few include being disciplined as well as managing your time wisely. You will find three in particular that you can apply to your daily life as a college student below.

    Stay Organized

    Organization is one of the most effective ways to manage stress, especially when you’re in college. It is imperative that you stay on top of everything and compartmentalize all of your assignments, tasks, and responsibilities. When you don’t, you may find that you forget many things, begin running late on deadlines, and don’t end submitting quality work due to time constraints. Therefore, it is important that you learn how to organize yourself.

    Some management tips when you’re in college include being resilient, keeping a physical calendar, developing a routine, removing distraction and avoiding procrastination. Also, you may find that using technology such as your phone, tablets, and apps to organize deadlines, notes, and any information is effective for you as well. You should also keep your physical documents organized by buying files and separating them by courses and subjects You can then use label templates to create relevant titles for each.

    Get Enough Rest

    Sleep can seem like a myth when you’re going to college. Between stringent deadlines, socializing, and the stress of studying for exams, you may find yourself doing several all-nighters. Although this is necessary sometimes, you should know that sleep is as important. For one, sleep deprivation can make all of your efforts go to waste as it can affect both your memory and productivity as well as add to your stress levels.

    Some tips for getting enough rest while you’re in college include skipping alcohol and caffeine before bed, sticking to a sleep schedule, putting books and homework away at least thirty minutes before bed, sleeping with earplugs or an eye pillow, and not studying in bed.

    Find Extra-Curricular Activities

    As much as you should be dedicated to your studies, finding other things to occupy your free time can help mitigate stress. You should look for an extra-curricular activity that you enjoy doing. Try to engage yourself with this during times you happen to feel stressed to take your mind off of school for a while. You can also consider picking up a hobby such as playing an instrument, songwriting, playing a sport or writing. You may find this creates balance as well as reduces the amount of stress you feel.  

    College is often a life-changing experience and your training ground for the real world. It can teach you how to manage your life, stay organized, and deal with stressful situations. These are real-life skills that you’ll likely need to apply when you begin a new career or begin building a life on your own. Hopefully, when that time arrives, you’ll look back and reflect on the tips mentioned in this article.

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