On-Campus Safety Tips for New Freshmen

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  • Many people have fears about adjusting to college life. Will the campus they pick be safe?

    Will they feel supported in their goals?

    Will they get along well with their roommates?

    All of these are valid questions that students will have their freshman year.

    While visiting campus and talking to your school counselor are all sure ways to help give you answers and peace of mind, safety is probably something you and your parents will continue to stress over. But don’t worry too much about staying safe. College is usually relatively protected, and below are five simple tips to keep you safe and cared for during your college experience.

    Keep and Have Your Cell Phone Ready

    Make sure to charge your cell phone before going to class and take it with you. That said, don’t have on it during class, you can and will get in trouble with the teacher for doing this! If you cannot afford a phone and you are in the United States, there are many programs that will provide a free phone with you. Access Wireless and Lifelink are two such programs you might qualify for. This way you’ll stay connected and have a line of help with you everywhere you go.

    Use the Buddy System When Getting Drinks

    Going out to a bar? Don’t go alone – take someone with you, especially the first few times while you’re getting the lay of the land. Do not accept any drinks you have not seen prepared, and avoid going home with someone you don’t know. Do not feel pressured into anything. Make sure to drink responsibly, as well. You don’t want to go to class hung over and drinking and driving can be a real danger with other students who aren’t as safe. Designate yourself as a driver and stay sober, or make sure you have a friend who can.

    Lock Your Doors

    Unfortunately, thefts can happen on college campuses, even in the dorms. Lock your doors and bring your keys with you at all times. This will help you avoid getting your belongings stolen. Don’t loan your key out, and be sure to alert the dorm managers or RA if you lose a key.

    Become Friends with Your Resident Assistant

    Your resident assistant is a gold mine of information and knowledge about campus. They can help you navigate your classes, and they can help you get a good idea of where to go for on-campus resources. They can also help you with where great ideas of where to visit, and help you avoid areas of the city where you should not go.

    Let Others Know Where You Are

    When you’re new to college, it’s natural to want to explore, hang out, and have fun off-campus. Unfortunately, there are many people who have no problem taking advantage of people who are in new areas. When going someplace with someone you don’t know very well, make sure people know where you are, where you’re going, and when they should expect you back and how long they should wait to send a search party after you.

    You can easily stay safe during college if you follow these simple tips. Your first year will have a lot of ups and downs, but it will be a lot safer if you are prepared and ready to take action and stay prepared.

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