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Staying Safe On Campus. A New Students Guide

You’ve worked hard and you’ve got the grades, now you’re off to college and nothing can stop you. However, just because you’re heading to college and you’re going to be surrounded by your peers, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your safety seriously. Theft, assault, burglaries and now COVID-19 has left many students wondering how safe […]

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Easy Tips for Students to Stay Safe on Campus This Fall

With many students returning to campus this fall, it is a perfect time to review a few easy tips for students to stay safe on campus as they return to school for a new semester. Returning to school can already be difficult and intimidating for many and with the pandemic putting a quick to end […]

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Guide for Women to Keep Safe on College Campuses (Part 1/2)

College campuses have many learning experiences whether in or out of the classroom. Unfortunately, young ladies get assaulted every day and thus it is vital for women to take precautions so they won’t be victims. You can never have enough information about your self-defense methods to reduce risk in these cases or hopefully prevent them […]

On-Campus Safety Tips for New Freshmen

Many people have fears about adjusting to college life. Will the campus they pick be safe? Will they feel supported in their goals? Will they get along well with their roommates? All of these are valid questions that students will have their freshman year. While visiting campus and talking to your school counselor are all […]

New Faces and Places: Self-Defense Tips for Female College Students

College can be a wonderful adventure. Leaving home for the first time is an exhilarating experience, but every young woman should approach the situation with caution. On-campus sexual assaults and other personal crimes are at an all time high. For this reason, –and because it’s just a good idea to know how to protect oneself– […]

Campus Crisis: Tips to Stay Safe on the College Party Scene

Many people look back on their college years with fondness. It’s true that college will likely comprise some of the best years of your life, but that doesn’t erase the fact it also holds some big risks. The college party scene can be both exciting and dangerous, and you’ll need to know the basics of […]

Safety Tips for Entering the College World

Entering the college world can be both exciting and scary. As a student, you’re responsible for a number of different things that you didn’t really have to consider in elementary and high school. You are personally responsible for getting yourself to class, organizing your time, managing your money and keeping yourself safe. That last one […]