Guide for Women to Keep Safe on College Campuses (Part 1/2)

women safety campus guide

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  • College campuses have many learning experiences whether in or out of the classroom.

    Unfortunately, young ladies get assaulted every day and thus it is vital for women to take precautions so they won’t be victims.

    You can never have enough information about your self-defense methods to reduce risk in these cases or hopefully prevent them entirely.

    If you put up some kind of an attack, the enemies usually get frustrated and feel that you are too much trouble. Below are some of the safety tips while:

    • living in the dorms
    • walking around campus
    • drinking and party safety
    • dating safety

    Pepper Spray

    Pepper spray can be a beneficial defense in a rape situation or potential assault. It is an inflammatory, which causes the eyes to close immediately, and leads to breathing difficulties, coughing, and runny nose. Pepper spray is a perfect choice as it’s easy and straightforward to use and also has an immediate impact upon an assailant.

    Always remember the purpose of pepper spray is to incapacitate an assailant long enough for you to get away to safety. Don’t hang around, get away and seek help.

    Personal Alarm

    A personal alarm, such as an electronic pocket whistle, is another essential tool in a potential assault or rape situation. It is small and easy to carry around. It can be used as a key-chain or can be easily tucked away in a purse or bag.

    The reason for you to have a personal alarm is to alert others and bring them to your aid. Also, it has the potential to frighten away an assailant in fear of getting caught. It is deafening, and thus it is likely to attract someone’s attention.

    Safety In Numbers

    Safety in numbers still applies at a college campus. Walk to and from school with those you are familiar with. Avoid deserted and lonely places, especially at night. Listen and follow your instincts to stay out of dangerous situations and areas.

    Let your friend know that you are going out on a date, with whom, where and what time you plan to get back to your dorm. When walking around a college campus, walk in groups, in well-patrolled areas, and in a well-lit area. Never walk alone if you do not have to and make sure that you or your other college companions have the proper self-defense devices to give you added security.


    Use adequate lighting around your home entrance-ways. Don’t position furniture or plants in such a way that someone could use it as a hiding place. Home safety is paramount when meeting new people. Be cautious when answering the door, especially for strangers.

    These safety measures can help a woman go a long way towards making her college experience a fabulous and cherished one. Familiarize yourself with the risks and then prepare for them, use some caution and foresight in finding your activities and associations for you to have a pleasant experience.

    (continued to Part 2)

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