Guide for Women to Keep Safe on College Campuses (Part 2/2)

keep safe college campus

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  • (continued from Part 1)

    I know your new found independence since you moved from home is amazing.

    You are no longer living by your parents’ rules.

    You could stay out longer if you wanted and hang out with whoever you wanted.

    This, however, does not mean that you should not be careful when it comes to your personal safety.

    Whether it’s your first semester on campus or you are a returning student, the 5 tips below on staying safe on campus will ensure that you are always keeping safe on campus.

    1. Going out…

    When going out with friends always ensure you observe the following:

    • Stick together – Stick to the buddy system the entire night since I am sure by now you have heard about it. Be a good friend and always watch out for your friends especially if they are at a stage where they can’t make a sound decision for themselves.
    • Ensure your phone is fully charged – Its common knowledge cell phone batteries drain fast, so before going out plug it in as you prepare to go out. You never know when you might need to make an emergency call.
    • Have some cash on you – Apart from carrying your credit or debit card, ensure that you have at least 3 dollars on you. This might come in handy should you need to bail yourself or your friends out of a bad situation.

    2. Do the following on your way home:

    • Keep moving – Try not to linger outside if you can. Get out your room key and head straight in while looking out to see if you are being followed.
    • Carry your pepper spray or gel – Purchase the campus safety pepper gel since it meets requirements in size in the US.

    3. In the dorm…

    • Secure your windows and doors – Always lock your doors if you are going out of your room and when you are sleeping. Lock all adjacent windows to a fire escape especially when you are going out.
    • Install an alarm system – We are not saying you go for expensive alarm systems; opt for an affordable alarm. A window alarm will not only alert you of attempted break-ins, it will also scare away intruders.

    4. Keep a close eye on your belonging at all times.

    In the library, have your phone and laptop close to you. And if you take a bathroom break, carry your valuables with you.

    5. Always lock your car if you have one.

    Confirm it’s tires are not deflated. Be very wary of any strangers who may come in your room and ask for help in jumpstarting their cars. In either of these two cases, never seek or provide assistance alone. Invite 3-4 friends to accompany you to address any auto issues.


    • Be cautious and not paranoid to ensure that you are safe on campus.
    • Safeguard your valuables and car always.
    • Lock your room when you are not in or while sleeping.
    • Check out for your friends too.

    Share this article widely on social media to ensure that your friends too are aware of how to keep safe while on campus.



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