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  • If you are looking to pass the certified public accounting exam, you may be wondering about the best way to go about studying.

    There are two major options; studying with a book, or joining online courses.


    People have been studying with books and using work books for as long as the CPA exam has been around.

    Carrying around several large 300 page books have become a thing of the past. More recently CPA study materials and guides have gone digital and are a lot easier to carry around. But depending on your style of learning will depend on what materials you choose. Here are a few differences between the two to help you pass your accounting certification requirements:

    The Book Advantage

    Having a textbook, or several, to pass your accounting certification requirements means having something physical that you can go through. You can mark pages, highlight or earmark confusing questions, and write in the margins. If you need something physical to check off your progress and you do not always want to have your electronic study material in tow, buying a book is for you.

    You will most likely have to purchase a few books; one for each section of the test. Each book will cost you an arm and a leg and you most likely will only use them a handful of times. But it is nice you have a physical book to refer to later along in your career as a CPA.

    The Online Course Advantage

    While physical books are great, an online course for accounting certification requirements comes with many conveniences. You typically have access to more questions, lessons, and testing modules with an online course, and you are likely to get the most up to date information. You also have the convenience of accessing your study materials from any computer, which is handy if you lead a busy lifestyle and do not wish to carry a book.

    With online courses and study materials you can study almost anywhere, as long as you have electricity and Internet. With most online study material you can get instant review and instant feedback on why your answer was correct or wrong.

    The Combination Advantage

    The CPA is a challenging test and no rule says that you cannot combine books with online courses while studying for your accounting certification requirements. You can find an online course that you enjoy, but also obtain a book. By combining the two methods, you get more practice questions, more ways to access your study materials, and fewer excuses to procrastinate. If your laptop is dead, you can pick up your book, and if a book is too cumbersome to carry to work, you can access your online course during your lunch break.

    Finding your preferred method of studying is easy to do if you give yourself plenty of time to experiment and avoid stressing out about the issue. Be sure to contact CPA Exam Guy for all of your online test prep materials and needs.

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