Overcoming Addiction From Seeking Individual Treatment


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  • Even though substance addiction can begin to erode life and bring things crashing down, men are less likely to seek professional help than women.

    The reasons can be very individual, but there are some traits that are specific to gender and exploring these can shed light on ways to increase the success of treatment for men.

    Male and Female Response to Addiction

    There is no denying that both males and females can become addicted to drugs. The types of drugs that attract each can vary, but some scientific studies show that there are tendencies in areas of the country for one sex to be drawn to particular drugs over others. There is no cut and dried outline, but it does show the need to look at each case on individual merits. Distinct localized patterns require a greater focus on these areas in regards to gender drug preferences for successful treatment to happen.

    Fighting the View of Addiction Seen as Weakness

    Men are often raised to be strong, independent and any flaw is viewed as weakness. This can make it difficult for men to accept that help is needed to get rid of a drug addiction. The battle to accept the need for help can be more intense than the battle to get free of drugs. Reaching beyond typical stereotypes is essential.

    Overcoming the Obstacles of Life Responsibility

    Men are frequently considered the head of a household and provide much in the way of the family income. They may also be partially involved in daily childcare for a household with two working adults. The thought of the man being taken out of the picture for a period of time can be daunting. Men will often avoid thinking of treatment options to keep from disrupting the family unit and income.

    Taking the Real Leadership Role

    A gradual shift in perception of true leadership must happen for treatment to begin. Leadership has to be seen less as perfection and more of making good choices for healthy living. Men have to feel okay about taking the necessary time to get free of an addiction. Being a good role model in practice has to have more bearing than theory. Evolving to a healthier man should be the focus of continued sobriety.

    Seeking Safe Detox

    Men that have been addicted to potent drugs for a long period of time have to have detox in Columbus that is medically monitored. Serious health problems can arise from the physical and psychological withdrawal from drugs. The least of the problems can be an intensely uncomfortable feeling. Medical monitoring allows professionals to assist in any way possible to make it as tolerable as it can be. Once the drugs are safely out of the body, intense drug rehabilitation therapy can begin.

    True Peer Mentoring

    Having a peer support and mentoring system will keep men motivated to reach addiction recovery goals. Being able to share stories and offer words of wisdom from personal experience can keep men motivated to move on to the next levels in recovery. Keeping one another motivated helps ensure greater success for everyone.

    Individualized Treatment Plans

    Every man comes from a different background, with individual needs in treatment plans. A complete initial assessment sets the baseline to begin treatment and detox, but added assessment throughout the progression of the stay allows for minor changes to be made to accommodate the needs of each person. There may be a need for more individual therapy, over group therapy. This can be arranged to help each client succeed. Treatment may take 60 or 90 days rather than a short 30 day period. Finding the program that works is the goal of every assessment professional.

    Critical Aftercare Components

    Addiction treatment is never complete with the process of detox. That is merely the beginning. A thorough aftercare program needs to be put in place that involves continued therapy and confidence boosting that will keep men looking forward in a positive manner. Staying free of drugs requires many changes at times. It could involve changing friends, occupations or locations. Any of these can prove traumatic and stressful. It is important to maintain therapeutic contacts to make it over the speed bumps these changes can impose.

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