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  • Our lives are transforming in unimaginable ways with the arrival of splendid advancements in Tech industry.

    Humankind regularly anticipating new developments with the level of opportunities turn up with technology.

    Latest statistics shows that professionals are gradually thinking on to becoming self-employed.

    We have numerous possibility of employment in the current era. One can be self-employed, employed and working in an organization, employed but working from locations on his interest as a digital nomad, and other possibilities.

    This decision is mainly backed by the vast amount of free or low-cost resources available on the internet. Technologies help candidates to work remotely with remote access technology. Similarly, other technologies like Cloud Computing; Big Data plays a major role in the shift.

    A Digital nomad is highly popularized lately due to the independence it brings to the employee to work from anywhere rather than commuting daily to a fixed office space. He can live anywhere in the world and work with the help of a standard internet connection, he can connect with colleagues on the air and collaborate as and when it requires.

    The Amount of data consumption is highly on the rise in 2017 since more and more people around the world are making use the technology advancements adequately. One such potential technology is the Big Data which can be accomplished by undergoing a big data certification in a reputed training center.

    Self-Employed Versus Employed

    Both of these have their respective positives and drawbacks. Typically, it relies on the amount of risk one willing to take on for their career growth. Self-employed will solely depend on his efforts and performance attributes whereas employed will be placed in a comfort zone.


    • Self-employed broadly works for themselves as freelancer, business owner or independent contractor for another association.
    • He receives his earnings directly from the business or freelancing work or as commission-based.
    • Saves lot of time by working from a home office rather than spending hours on commuting “to & from” the office on every weekday.
    • Self-employed earn 45% more than the employed professionals.
    • Self-employed professionals are highly-valued in the social space after all they are their own boss and a decision maker.


    • Depends on the organization he is employed as he cannot take decisions like the self-employed.
    • An employed person feels less risk since the salary is guaranteed to be credited every month.
    • Collaborate with the same team for long times who are active members in the project.
    • Growth is stable as it relies on their performance which is hard to come by in a comfort zone.

    Self-employed or employed, it is in interests of the person who wants to choose to go with either option. But the common thing between both these is the technology they use. They are presented with the valuable technologies to increase their performance to a new level.

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