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services to budget

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  • If you’re moving into your first place where you’ll be living on your own, without your parents or any other authority figure to influence your day to day decisions, you might not be aware of all the extra costs of living on your own.

    Beyond having to pay for rent, there are plenty of other bills you now get to pay.

    For example, say your rent is set at $600 a month, on top of that are going to be utility charges, monthly services, and bills for things such as your internet and any internet services you pay for.

    This can drastically change what you pay every month to keep these amenities going, and it’s important to keep them in mind when planning a budget.


    This category can vary depending on where you live, but utilities usually include things like gas, sewer, water, electricity, garbage removal, and any local amenities for the people in your apartment complex or neighborhood to use.

    The categories can vary according to the geographic location that you live in, and they can vary according to the type of building that you’re in.

    For instance, some apartment buildings pay for heat, water, and sewer for their residents because they’re not individually metered, but in other apartment complexes and in single-unit homes, the tenant is responsible for all utilities.

    Take the time to understand what utilities you’ll be responsible for and about how much they’ll cost each month. For instance, you can learn the cost of electricity every month by inquiring with the electric company how much the previous tenant paid every month.


    We’ve come to a point in time when it’s really difficult to live without some kind of internet service. You can use your data on your phone plan, but it might be cheaper to buy internet for your home than what it would cost to have unlimited data.

    Either way, you should find an internet provider in your area to see how much it will cost for the service and what kinds of internet services are available to you.

    Netflix, Cable TV, and Other Types of Home Entertainment

    There are a lot of services out there that can make your life easier, but most people want some kind of home entertainment option. Whether you just like Hulu or want to get some variety, think about what’s really important to you and what you can afford should you decide to go with multiple streaming services.

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    If you’re ready to move out on your own, make sure that you have a realistic idea of what things will cost. It’s easier to know what bills you’ll be responsible for before you move out than realize you committed yourself to more bills than what you can afford.

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